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Where to Buy Chanel-inspired Don Jordan 2 Sneakers Online?

Recent collaboration of Just Don x Air Jordan 2 has swept away many feet from both the sportswear and fashion communities. The beautifully crafted sneakers are designed with quilted stitch pattern, inspired by no other but the famous Chanel lambskin handbag bearing the same signature pattern.

Named the Don Jordan 2, the sneakers are made from butter-soft lambskin, for both its exterior and interior linings, even including its insole. Since its first launch in 2015, Don Jordan 2 are now available in three gorgeous colours: blue “Royal”, tan “Beach”, and most recently, dust pink “Arctic Orange”. The latest launched colour of the sneakers is specifically curated for the ladies and children (and also babies!), with a more romantic, feminine colour scheme.

Don Jordan 2 in “Royal”

Don Jordan 2 in “Beach”

Don Jordan 2 in “Arctic Orange”

Even though they are priced at a premium (not surprising at all, given it’s a baby born from the hands of Don C, a luxury sportswear designer), these exclusive sneakers have proven to be rather difficult to get one’s hands on since many shoes collectors and sneakers fanatics from all over the world are trying to a pair for themselves. It also does not help that (rumours say) there are only 1,200 pairs available for purchase globally!

If you have been desperately thirsting for a pair of Don Jordan 2, depress no more! We are here to show you how you can purchase a pair of these beautiful sneakers from suppliers online!

First and foremost, the first channel is none other but Taobao. If you simply search for “Don Jordan 2” on the website, you will arrive at about 12 items of the sneakers, with their prices ranging between RMB 3000 and RMB 9000:

On the other hand, if you are to search for “just don aj2” instead, your search results will show you a lot more entries of sellers carrying the item, with prices ranging from RMB 200 to RMB 10,000 (some of the results even include the baby sized shoes!):

Now you’re asking: what about the other Chinese giant online retailer platform, AliExpress? Unfortunately, as of today, we could not find any seller on that platform that is carrying the Don Jordan 2. But don’t worry, here we have another online source for you to find the shoes: Prime Stuff!


Prime Stuff ( is an online wholesaler that carries many sportswear brands, as well as high-end luxurious fashion brands like Balenciaga and Louboutin. No surprise but of course it also carries Don C’s Just Don. You can search for “Air Jordan 2 Just Don” in the website’s search bar to find the Don Jordan 2 sneakers. Just a tip: if you’re a fan of Just Don, you can also find many other Just Don’s items on Prime Stuff (such as caps and jackets)!


Signing off with more eye candies from the Don Jordan 2 series, and hope you’ll be able to find a pair that you can call yours soon!

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