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Burberry Vintage Checked Lady Flat Shoe

Burberry Vintage Checked Lady Flat Shoe

The class that comes with Burberry Vintage checked lady flat shoe is just out of this world. The shoes have a touch of simplicity and elegance in them. Flat shoes come as a savior, especially when you need a break from high heels. These classy flat shoes are something that a lot of ladies would love to add to their closet. Simplicity, sophistication and elegance of these shoes are not traits you get from other regular flat shoes.

Being a high-end brand, Burberry shoes are obviously pricey. You cannot get these luxurious shoes cheaply. They have been made to stand out. To acquire them, therefore, you have to part with a huge sum of money. This is why they remain on store shelves for so long, they are ridiculously expensive. Truth be told, a lot of people cannot afford them.

 You do not have to spend the rest of your life admiring these shoes from stores or a friend’s collection. I am here to help you admire them on your feet. Instead of draining your savings purchasing the genuine shoe, I recommend you settle for high quality cheap replicas. The high quality replicas I am recommending to you are 100% similar to the real shoes. They are a cheaper way to look classy while still on a budget.

You are most probably asking yourself how replicas can be perfect. Hold on, I have compiled a review comparing the real shoe, to the high quality replica. The review also shows how perfect the high quality replicas are. Read on to find out the 100% similarity between the real and the cheap replica pair.

Original vs High Quality Replica Comparison

  • General body appearance

The shoe has the Burberry checked pattern on the outside and it is black on the inside. The color of the checked pattern on the outside is 100% similar to that ion the replica shoe. The interior of the shoe is black. The body of the shoe has inward stitches. You will barely notice stitches on its body. This is applicable for both the real and the replicated pair. The body of the shoe is sturdy. The shoes are in shape even without the feet. Check out the body construction of the real and the replica shoe below.

  • Toe box

The toe box is made of plain black leather. There is a strap that passes over the toe box. The strap has a golden buckle. ‘BURBERRY’ is inscribed on one side of the buckle. The font and spacing of the inscription on the replica pair is similar to that on the replica. Check out the toe box of the real and the replica Burberry shoes.

  • Checked pattern on the sides

The alignment of the different colors on the checked pattern would be a nightmare to replicate. But if you compare the alignment and the arrangement of the colors on the real and replica shoe, you will realize that they are 100% similar.

  • Side view.

The side of the shoe has the Burberry checked pattern across it. The checked pattern is perfect on the cheap replica too. The strap that passes over the toe box can also be seen on the sides of the shoe. The dimensions of the side, especially the heel pad on the real shoe is identical to that on the replicated shoe.

  • The midsole

The midsole of these shoes are black. The sole is thin all through. The shoe has a small heel. The thinness of the sole is similar in the real and the replicated pair. Also, the dimensions of the heel in the two shoes are also similar. The midsole of the two shoes are rigid and sturdy. Check out the midsole of the real and the replica women flat shoe below.

With this review, I am convinced that you have found out how perfect the high quality replicas are. They are similar to the real shoes; you won’t notice any differences or defects.  If you want to look classy while still on a budget, your solution is going for the high quality replicas, like the ones I have reviewed above.

I am sure you have bumped into cheap lady Burberry shoes. You don’t want to walk out wearing those ridiculous looking shoes that are so different from the real deal. Don’t fall for the trap of poor quality replicas. I am here to help you obtain high quality replicas that have no difference from the real shoe.  If you want to play safe, stick to Primestuff.

Primestuff is an online store that deals in wholesale of high quality replicas. If you are looking for wholesale Burberry shoes for women, Primestuff is your ideal shopping place.  

If you own a fashion store, Primestuff should be your new shopping store. With the high quality replicas from Primestuff, you are sure to have a quick moving stock because the goods are affordable, and would be perfect to your clients.

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