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Bianca Saunders unveils new Spring/Summer 2023 collection

Bianca Saunders at Paris Fashion Week The brand’s new Spring/Summer 2023 collection was brought, inspired by the typical Jamaican meal Hard Food. This food, which includes boiled yam, plantain, and dumplings, is called Hard Food, but the taste is very soft and tough. This season, Bianca Saunders wants to revisit and define the meaning of the brand through this contrast between appearance and internal reality.

Featuring Bianca’s signature plunging shoulders, the Lexxus jacket and caboch-trimmed bomber jacket are back in green corduroy. The layered, double-sided, long-sleeved suit creates a relaxed vibe, and the slit hem flick opens for a contrasting peek. The petroleum-colored markings of iridescent jacquard sparkle like static electricity on a TV, reminiscent of a VHS movie from the ’80s ballroom. The casual drape grained knit pullover pays homage to the SS22 collection in a deconstructed and twisted mesh printed crepe.

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