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Best Quality Replica Rolex Watches Wholesale Supplier Finding Guide and Real vs Fake Spot .

Rolex watches are one of the famous Swiss watch brands, Rolex watches are not only known for their workmanship, quality but also his expensive price. In all Swiss replica watches, Replica & Fake Rolex Watches is more common, how to judge the authenticity of Rolex watches? Today MYBIZSHARE brings you the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Explorer II watch Replica and Real identification skills.

In 1971, Rolex launched the Oyster Perpetual Explorer II watch Ref.1655, which brought a major breakthrough in watch technology. Explorer II’s conspicuous faceplate configuration and 24-hour hands make it the perfect partner for explorers and adventurers. It was once worn by the volcanologist Haroun Tazieff, and the Cal.1575 automatic movement, which was carried in the interior, was the most illuminating movement series certified by the Observatory at that time. The precise and durable features are unquestionable.

Can you tell which one is original?

  • From the dial.

The Explorer II graphic represents the digital dial, and the dial pattern of the dial is balanced equally. The Rolex watch has high technical requirements for the scale equalization configuration, while the replica Rolex watches scale has a messy feel, including the best replica watches.

  • Luminous paint

For night vision, the watch is coated with luminous paint on the hands and dial. There is a gap between some genuine and imitation products of luminous paint, let us zoom in.

The amount of genuine luminous paint is very particular, the coating is very regular, all in the black frame, and the imitation edge has excess coating, the black border is thinner. The difference in the ability of the craftsman is also inevitable.

  • The crown of the watermark

Let’s zoom in on the glass part of the dial.The Explorer II, which was manufactured in 2001, developed a watermark that was laser-engraved with a small crown. This watermark is almost invisible to the naked eye and the photo will not appear. However, the watermark of this replica Rolex is clearly visible and is a replica.

  • The pointer

The following focus on one of the features of explorer II, the red needle, which is a 24-hour, 360-degree rotation. The comparison shows that the replica Rolex watches are much thicker than the real one . Applying a coating on such a thin needle requires a high degree of process. The Replica Rolex has been painted many times so it looks thick. Look carefully, there are bubbles, and the paint is not applied to the roots

  • Printing

We read the dial on the part of the watch and compare it with the symbol of the Rolex watch – the logo of the crown and the text of “ROLEX”. After zooming in, we look at the genuine printing is very regular, the ink is very well-proportioned, and fake rolex has ink overflow, and the “PERPETUAL” word font, the authentic class Song, and the replica Gothic font.

  • The external dial number

Let’s zoom in to see the number on the dial. Everyone who came out of the circle looked carefully, and the authentic digital lines were deeper in the curve and the edges were clear. On the contrary, the curvature of the replica becomes sleek, and this little difference is a great ingenuity!

  • The edge of the cutting

Next we look at the edge , Genuine edge part, the edge is cut clean, three-dimensional, chamfered smooth, luxury replica watches look sharp, the authentic details are done in place.

  • Strap connection part

Look carefully at the red circle and the strap connection part, zoom in. Genuine is relatively flat. The connection point of the fake & replica is uneven. It’s just a little different, and it feels different when you wear it.

The inside of the connection point is an accessory called a small spring bar. The shape of the spring bar is different compared to the two. The fake Rolex replicas for sale uses cheap spring rods commonly used in watches on the market, and parts of the screws are exposed.

  • Strap

Let’s look at the table below, zoom in. Comparing the two, the shape of the replica crown is simplified. There is no sense of three-dimensionality, and the “engraving” is unremarkable and seems to be posted. Genuine is bumpy.

  • Crown

The explorer II can also operate in harsh environments, and the crown is also refined .

Zoom in. The edges and corners of the replica rolex are rounded, and the genuine edges and corners are tight, the rotation is easy, and the imitation goods need more strength.

Rolex watches, in terms of use and feel, have formed their own brand style characteristics, Rolex replica Fake and genuine use even the same material, microscopic also has many differences. This little difference is the embodiment of Rolex’s advanced technology and first-class craftsmen. If you always feel that your Rolex watch is not very easy to use, try the above method to identify it.

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