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Before you ignorantly cover your wrist in a Rolex; know these 10 things first

Rolex. Mention that name anywhere and everyone will know what you are talking about. Having a Rolex watch on your wrist is a definition of class and a deep pocket. Rolex timepieces are a different ballgame that not everyone can be part of. But whether you have a Rolex or not, there are some interesting things about the brand you would want to know.

Today, I’m going to take you through a ride of knowing some of the 10 most interesting facts about Rolex. Some will leave you with a dropping jaw.

  • It is not Switzerland but England where Rolex originally started

Today, Rolex operates from Switzerland and many believe this is where it all started. To your surprise, Rolex started in London as early as 1905. Back then, it was a watch assembling company. It used watch parts from Switzerland to assemble them into English timepieces. However, soaring taxes in Britain forced the company to close shop and move to Switzerland by 1919.

  • Rolex most expensive watch ever

You may not believe it but the most expensive Rolex timepiece came through in 1942. Its price stood at $1.176. Originally, only 12 of the same watch were made. According to insider’s information, only 8 of them survived the rigorous production process.

  •  Every real quality Rolex is pure handwork

The market out there is brutal and only the most persistent brands make it. Rolex knew this from the very beginning. This is why every watch goes through a thorough detailing; all are done by hand. The precision in every small detail is what makes it hard for fake merchants to successfully copy Rolex watches.  

  • The murder case solved with a Rolex watch

A long time ago, a certain businessman was murdered and his body thrown into a river. After a long time, the fully decomposed body of the business person was discovered by the police. There is no way the body could be identified unless a DNA test was done. Fortunately, the businessman wore a Rolex watch, which the murderer did not take away. It was still there and working perfectly. Using the watch, the police were able to identify the body correctly.

  • Water resistant Rolex is rigorously tested

You already know that Rolex is home to some of the best underwater watches. Well, these timepieces are put through a pressurized water tank for testing. Amazingly, only one out of 1000 pieces fail the testing.

  • How many watches does Rolex make in a year?

To keep their quality high, Rolex only produces 1 million pieces each year. There is a lot of detailing that goes into each watch and it is all done by hand.

  • Spotting a fake from real Rolex

We are living in a time when fakes are the order of the day. You can now find a replica Rolex and fall for it if you are not careful. Fortunately, you do not need a degree in watch making to identify a fake Rolex timepiece. Just look at the second hand and note if it smoothly moves in a graceful sweep. If yes, then there is a big probability it is a real one. Even strippers use this trick to tell a fake from the original piece.

  • What does ‘Rolex’ mean?

There is an expectation that there is a meaning to every name. However, this is not the case with Rolex. There is no meaning to the name. In fact, it was chosen because it sounded good on a watch and could easily be pronounced in any language in the world.

  • All of Rolex Profits go to Donation

After working so hard to make a famous watch brand, you would expect the founder of Rolex to be smiling all the way to the bank. That is not the case. All the profits go to charity. Hans Wilsdorf was an orphan at 12 years of age. He had a hard life back then and decided to give away all his profits to help the poor. If you do not want to buy Rolex watch for any other reason, you now know that you are giving back to the needy in society.

  • Rolex budget watch

While everyone would be curious to know the most expensive Rolex piece, many do not think there is a cheap Rolex. Apparently, there is one and it is a darling for those who love simplicity. The honors go to Rolex air-king which retails at $3,000.

There is a lot to know about Rolex, and you just added ten facts to your knowledge. Keep reading this blog for more fascinating facts about luxury brands. Before we draw the curtain on this post, I would like to remind you of Primestuff. This is your one-stop spot for all you fashion needs. From high quality Rolex replica watches to a range of other accessories, this is where you get the best deals.

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