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BAPE “luxury car co-branding” will be on sale soon!

Every year, BAPE® brings a lot of unpredictable crossover collaborations. BAPE (mytag />) has been bringing out a lot of unconventional collaborations every year, including the impressive luxury car co-branding, which is a huge topic of discussion and popularity!

Recently, BAPE® has teamed up with Hot Wheels, a famous alloy car model brand, to bring a new collaboration series based on NIGO’s classic sports car, the Mercedes-Benz 300SL, collected in Tokyo’s BAPELAND.

One of the most iconic cars in the Mercedes-Benz family, the Mercedes-Benz 300SL was created by the famous racing car designer Rudolf · Uhlenhaut as the 300SLR.

▼ Ullenhaupt and the 300SLR

The streamlined body with the most popular gull-wing door design is considered by fans as a classic masterpiece of elegance and avant-garde.


And the Mercedes-Benz 300SL in Nigo’s collection is covered in BAPE® signature ABC Camo paint, giving it a unique street credentials.

The BAPE® x Hot Wheels

The BAPE® x Hot Wheels collaboration includes a variety of items including alloy car models, racing-themed T-shirts and hats.

In addition to bringing back the original camouflage paint and wheels, the alloy car models are also available in a variety of exclusive details. mytag /> ape head, which is hard to resist for both car enthusiasts and modelers alike.

The latest news is that BAPE® x Hot Wheels will be available first in Japan on May 28th, followed by BAPE® x Hot Wheels in Japan.

The latest news is that BAPE® x Hot Wheels will be available in Japan on May 28th, and then in select BAPE stores worldwide.

The domestic market is expected to go on sale later, so if you are interested, you may want to pay close attention.

BAPE x Hot Wheels
Release date: May 28th (Japan) / Domestic release later

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