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Balenciaga Triple-S: How To Spot a Fake and Buying Strategies

Balenciaga Triple S

Balenciaga Triple-S: How To Spot a Fake and Buying Strategies

Since the first release of Triple S sneakers from Balenciaga, the shoes have been the favorite of many celebrities and fashion bloggers, being seen on countless snaps and press pictures. Since many have been asking if they can actually purchase a pair of cheap but authentic pair of Triple S sneakers or high-quality replicas from various major online platforms, we shall reveal in this post what are the types of replicas that you can find in market today, as well as their differences if compared to an original.

At the end of this post, we will also share with you some tips from sneaker maniacs (us!) on

How and where to buy cheap but high-quality Triple S sneakers.

In general, you can buy different types of Triple S imitations (of different quality) online, priced between USD130 – USD300.

While these replicas may closely resemble an authentic pair of Triple S sneakers, they can still be different from an original in terms of color, materials, the spelling of “Balenciaga” on the shoes, etc.

To help you with your shopping, we have also put together a quick guide to help you in spotting a pair of authentic Balenciaga Triple S sneakers versus fake imitations.

Point: Logo font on sides of shoes. The logo on an original has individual letters stitched separately. Each of these letters is also very close to one another. In contrast, a fake has logo with letters that are sparser and connected with stitching.

Point: Shoe size stitching on toe, density of mesh, material of black leather part. The mesh on an original has high gauze density, while its black leather part has oval ends of soft corners (no defined angles). Said leather part should be made from soft lambskin, which should feel soft and comfortable. The font of size stitching on the leather should also be thick and bold on the sneakers (as shown in pictures below).

Point: “Triple s” marking on flaps. Compared to the original, the word on a fake is glossier and more “plastic-ky” looking. Besides that, the original Triple S font and its background are in light grey colour. In contrast, fakes either have black/silver background or no background at all.


Point: Shoe insoles. On the shoe insoles, an original should show the logo “Balenciaga”, shoe size and made-in marking; on a fake, there is only the word “Balenciaga”.

Point: Logo on heels. At the heel of the Triple S sneakers, the Balenciaga logo should be sharp and clear as pictured below.

Balenciaga Triple S

Point: Logo on shoe soles (bottom). On an original, the word “Balenciaga” has a much deeper impression on the bottom of the soles when compared to a fake.

Balenciaga Triple S

Point: Shape of leather pieces on shoes. On the side of the sneakers, the leather pieces should have shapes as pictured in the left image below. You can see that the shape is different on a fake, where the adjacent sides are considerably more parallel to one another (right picture).

Point:  Shape and colour of mesh piece on heel. On an original, the mesh on the heel should be of azure colour and semi-oval shape. On a fake, it is in deep blue colour and bow-shaped.

Balenciaga Triple S

As shown in many pictures above, there are many fakes online that are still quite different from an original despite being highly priced and marketed as high-quality replica.

How i buy original Triple S:

An original pair of Triple S sold on most websites is priced at around USD850. Here’s a tip on how to buy a pair of original at a price tag below USD600: First, head to and you will find the sneakers retailing at USD753. Then, you can go to to get a 20% OFF Discount Coupon Code. With this code, you can now buy a pair of real Triple S sneakers from at USD560. How to get the Coupon Code; just Click Here.


How i get a high quality replicas:

If you would like to get a pair of high quality replica, you can head to

Prime Stuff, a website that sells replicas of best quality, is unlike other online wholesaler platforms. As you can see from the video and detailed picture below, which displays the actual pair of Triple S that you can find on Prime Stuff website, the shoes are made to highly resemble a pair of original.

Balenciaga Triple S Balenciaga Triple S Balenciaga Triple S Balenciaga Triple S Balenciaga Triple S

Currently, Prime Stuff is also giving out discount voucher for its shoppers. Feel free to head to their website or instagram (@primestuff_ru) to claim one and find out more about their Balenciaga Triple S sneakers.

Balenciaga Triple S

We hope that this post is able to help you in buying your special pair of Balenciaga Triple S sneakers!


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