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Balenciaga Triple S Airsole sneakers 2019 Spot and How to find quality replica sneakers at wholesale price.


Balenciaga triples airsole sneakers, the New Balenciaga sneakers, the new style of Clunky sneakers of the Balenciaga sneakers, super nice! The weight is heavier than the shoes you usually wear, but it is also acceptable, since balenciaga shoes are really versatile dress for dressing.

  • How to find out replica balenciaga triples air sole sneakers at wholesale price from taobao.

Although this is the latest model in 2019, there are many different types of Replica Balenciaga Triples airsole sneakers on the market. From the taobao, you can find the normal quality Replica Balenciaga triples clear sole sneakers both for men and womens. Relevantly, the following part will introduce the searching strategy of Taobao. In addition, it will recommend antbuyingagent.Com, which would help you solve the problem of purchasing, quality inspection, payment and logistics in China Taobao. You can sit at home and enjoy shopping from taobao as easily as you can.

Searching Strategy:

Cheap Replica Balenciaga Sneakers Search keywords: 巴黎气垫老爹鞋, 巴黎老爹鞋, through these two can find fake balenciaga triple s shoes at wholesale price. If you use these keywords, the sellers you would find almost are all genuine or purchasing, the price is 500-600USD. If you want to find more products with good quality, you can contact our online customer service or whatsapp, we can share our factory resources.

  • Normal Quality Replica Balenciaga Sneakers VS Best Quality Replica Balenciaga .

Compared to the 2018 Balenciaga Triple S Sneakers High Quality Replica Spot Guide, the 2019 new version of Balenciaga Triple S Sneakers has made a lot of adjustments.

Point 1: Sole . The high version balenciaga trainers has the same air cushion as the original version, and the low version does not. The high color version is a beautifully transparent combination of the outsole, the process is very good, the low version is yellowish, and the two layers have a color difference.

The new crystal bottom of Balenciaga mens shoes still uses the old craft. The old technology of the crystal bottom has a different style, with powder to make it an effect of appearing old, generally this is not the case with low-grade shoes.

Point 2: Upper mesh: The upper continues the first generation of the Balenciaga triples sneakers using water dyed old calfskin stitching original high-density mesh. The original upper mesh is made of high-density one with a noticeable unevenness.

Font embroidery: Balenciaga LOGO fonts have no connection lines, neat, uniform thickness.

Point 3 LOGO: The LOGO of the original balenciaga triple s white sneakers outsole has a slight matte. Pay attention that the new version of the 2019 counter has thickened the sole LOGO font.

Point 4: Shape of mesh piece on heel: For the higher version balenciaga triple s trainer,The mesh piece shape is a semi-oval shape, while the lower version of the shape is bow-shaped.

Point 5: The screen printing method of the sole LOGO in 2019 was adjusted in 2018. The LOGO of the high version Balenciaga Replicas of the sole is directly printed on the insole, and the number and place of origin are not indicated. The lower version of the insole continues the 2018 LOGO printing. Pattern.

Point 6: Packaging: Dust Bag and shoe box have also been adjusted. 2019 Balenciaga Triple S Sneakers uses grey cloth bags and shoe boxes. The 2018 version of Balenciaga shoes triple S is a white bag and shoe box.

  • The highest version replica balenciaga details and continuous updates

UPDATE: SUNL Factory balenciaga shoes triple s details display: At present, SUNL Factory’s material packaging outsole heel work is right, the shoe type data is the same as the original design file data, the leather color is also close to the genuine similarity 95 %.

UPDATE: At present, the G5 factory uses the original design data, so the design of the balenciaga triple s replica shoes is exactly the same as the original. Every detail has been done very well, and the current similarity with the original can reach 99%, it is already very professional.

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