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Balenciaga Sneakers – How to Spot a Fake and Buying Guide


The many faces of Balenciaga sneakers have stolen many hearts – from A-list celebrities, to fashion bloggers and to football moms who live down the block. The styles, comfort and practicality offered by these beautiful sneakers are simply unrivalled. Not surprisingly, both Balenciaga men’s sneakers, as well as the women’s Balenciaga sneakers, are spotted everywhere in Hollywood. Hailey Baldwin was seen with a pair of Balenciaga black sneakers (they were the Balenciaga Triple S sneakers), while Kendall Jenner was spotted with a pair of white Balenciaga sneakers (Race Runners). On the other hand, Usher was seen showing off a pair of eye-catching red Balenciaga sneakers (which were the Balenciaga Arena sneakers).

Besides the above styles, I must also mention about the Speed Trainers, which is the earliest celebrated design from the collection of Balenciaga sneakers. More commonly known as the Balenciaga sock sneakers or Balenciaga knit sneakers, they are the one that initiated the momentum that pushed Balenciaga sneakers into the high-end sneakers market.

A pair of Balenciaga sneakers costs at a starting price of ~USD 600. Due to these sneakers popularity, many manufacturers have started making cheap replicas to target those who cannot afford the insane price tags. For this reason, many are interested in finding out how to spot a pair of fake vs original Balenciaga sneakers. If you are indeed one of them, keep on reading as we will be presenting a quick general guide on how to differentiate fake vs real Balenciaga sneakers in our post today.

How to spot Replica Balenciaga sneakers?

Note: for this post, we will focus on the low top Balenciaga sneakers as example. You may look at our other posts written specifically for other Balenciaga sneakers styles, for example, the Triple S, Race Runners and Speed Trainers.

Point: Shoebox height. The original shoebox (right) has a decent height when compared to a fake’s. The height of the shoebox cover is also much taller than the fake’s.

Point: Shoebox logo. The Balenciaga logo on the shoebox should be neat and perfectly clear (bottom). The thickness of the font should also be regular throughout all letters. On a fake’s (top), the printing of the logo may look faded with some white spots and imperfections. Besides this, certain strokes of some letters may appear narrower than the rest (for example, the letter “A”).

Point: Dust bag and packaging in box. The original Balenciaga sneakers (right) should also come with a white dust bag in the box while this dust bag is usually missing in a fake (left). Also note that the dust bag is simply folded in the box.

Upon removing the dust bag, you will see that the original sneakers should be packed in clear plastic bags (right). This is considerably different to the packaging of a fake, which sneakers are packed in thin cloth bags instead (left).

Point: Shoe’s back. The back of the original sneakers should have a slightly curved silhouette (right). On a fake (left), the back does not have the same curved shape; instead, it is just straight.

Point: Insoles. Insoles of the shoes should be the right colour that matches the main colour of the shoe body. The insoles should also be hard and sturdy while a fake’s would be on the softer side. In addition, the impression of the Balenciaga logo on the original insoles should be even and appear matte (left). The same logo on a fake may have a less even impression with a shiny finish, as well as a closer spacing between the word BALENCIAGA and PARIS (right).

Point: Spare shoelaces. Lastly, the original Balenciaga sneakers should come with a pair of spare matching shoelaces in packaging shown in picture below. Such shoelaces may be missing in a fake.

How to buy Balenciaga sneakers at cheap wholesale price online?

If you are looking for Balenciaga sneakers sale, I hate to break it to you but the brand very rarely (or perhaps never) offers any discount on their items. However, if you are interested of getting cheap Balenciaga sneakers online, you can certainly head to Taobao, AliExpress or DHgate to find some.

For AliExpress and DHgate, you can search with keywords like “balenciaga shoes”, “arena shoes” and “Balenciaga sneakers women”. The returning results are not massive with rather little variety as these two platforms often restrict the sales of products that may infringe intellectual property of big names. Nevertheless, for those listed, they are cheap replicas priced at around USD 80.

For Taobao, you can search with keywords “巴黎世家鞋” and “巴黎鞋”. Compared to AliExpress and DHgate, Taobao does offer a lot more variety and selection of Balenciaga sneaker replicas including both Balenciaga men sneakers and Balenciaga women sneakers, albeit some may have questionable quality. Most of these replicas are priced cheaply, starting from as low as USD 30, going as high as USD 200.

As seen above, you will be able to find many different styles of Balenciaga sneakers on the platform, including the Triple S sneakers, as well as the iconic Balenciaga socks sneakers.

We hope that this post is useful in your search of a pair of beautiful Balenciaga sneakers!

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