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Balenciaga Race Runners Replica Spot and Buying Guide

If you are into simple athletic shoe designs that could work with any kind of fashion styles, I am sure that you must have heard about the Balenciaga Race Runners. Elegantly designed by mixing and mashing different kinds of interesting materials, such leather, mesh, neoprene and even suede, these effortlessly chic slip-on sneakers are made to complement trendy guys’ and gals’ everyday fashion look.

Not surprisingly, these beautiful shoes found their way into the wardrobes of a number of Hollywood celebrities. Spotted on Michele Keegan is a pair of white Balenciaga Runners, styled with her natural casual look. On the other hand, Alex Gerard was seen with a pair of black and red Balenciaga Runners, completing her more upscale Hermes and fur fashion. Last but not least, Usher wore a pair of yellow and black Balenciaga Runners to complete his smooth street style.

Each pair of these stunning Balenciaga Race Runners is priced at USD 695. As with most popular high-end fashion item, these shoes have inspired the making of countless copycats and replicas, which are mostly found in various online shopping platforms. If you are interested in knowing how to differentiate a pair of fake vs real Balenciaga Runners, continue reading our post below for a guide that we have prepared to answer this question!

Replica VS Original Balenciaga Race Runners.

Point: Label on box. On the side of the shoebox, you should be able to find a sticker label listing name, colour, barcodes, codes and the outline of the shoes. At first look, the labels on a fake and original could be almost identical to one another. However, the first pointer that you can look at to identify a fake is the shoe outline image on the label. The image on a fake label (top) is faded and undefined while the real label’s image (bottom) is clear and sharp. Furthermore, the two labels obviously used rather different fonts and have different spacing size for the respective printed words.

Point: Logo embossed on side sole. On the side of the shoe sole, you should be able to find the embossed Balenciaga logo. This logo should be very clear and defined (bottom). In contrast, the same logo on a fake has shallower impression making the logo to appear indistinct (top). Besides that, you may notice that the fake logo has a slightly different font than the original, especially the letters “C” and “G”.

Point: Logo, size and made-in information on shoe bottom. On the shoe bottom, the wordings of Balenciaga logo, shoe size and “MADE IN ITALY” should be clear, crisp and perfectly defined (right). On a fake (left), the same words are much more fuzzier. In addition, the fake’s bottom (left) is much blacker and matte looking when compared to an original, which has a more reflective surface (right).

Point: Leather on back of shoes. The leather patch at the back of the shoes should be grainy but still smooth (right). On the other hand, the same leather patch on a fake may have some visible vertical stripes that are out of place (left). This may indicate the difference of leather quality used on a pair of authentic Balenciaga Race Runners sneakers and a pair of fake.

Point: Insoles. At first glance, a fake insole may highly resemble that of an authentic Balenciaga Runner. However, upon closer inspection of the embossed logo and made-in information on the insoles, you will notice that the impression of these information on a fake insole (left) is much more shallower than that of an original (right). An original insole should have clear and defined impression of “BALENCIAGA”, “PARIS” and “MADE IN ITALY”. On the left of the word “PARIS”, there should be a dot too.

How to buy Cheap Balenciaga Race Runners on aliexpress and dhgate?

If you are looking to buy cheap Balenciaga Runners online, you can head to AliExpress, DHgate and Taobao. At AliExpress and DHgate, you may search with keywords like “race runners”, “mesh sneakers” and “mesh trainer shoes”. Buried among results that may or may not include other popular Balenciaga sneaker styles (like Balenciaga speed runner and Balenciaga sock runner) are Balenciaga Race Runners replicas priced at around USD 70.

By the way, here is a hint for you: do not search with keywords like “Balenciaga runners mens” or “Balenciaga runners womens” as these will not yield any results – most replicas listed on the websites do not include the brand name in their listing to avoid potential intellectual property infringement issue.

How to buy Cheap Balenciaga Race Runners on Taobao?

On the other hand, to look for cheap Balenciaga Runners on Taobao, you can search with keywords like “巴黎网面鞋” and “网面鞋”. (Again, do not bother searching with obvious keywords like “balenciaga race runners mens” or “balenciaga race runners womens” as they will not provide any useful results). Most of the replicas listed are priced at around USD 40. Not to mention, Taobao also carries a lot of rare colourways like metallic blue Balenciaga runners (see below!).

How to buy the Balenciaga Race Runners from Taobao?

Since most of the taobao seller can’t do the international order,you can call the Taobao Agent for help. they can order for you and do the shipping to your house,all you need to do is submit the product link you need on the website and pay .

We certainly hope that you have enjoyed reading this post and it has served you in your shopping of a pair of breath taking Balenciaga Runners!

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