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Balenciaga 19SS Triples: Real vs High quality Replica Review

Balenciaga 19SS Triples Real vs High quality Replica Review

Balenciaga sneakers are usually classy and very comfortable.  Balenciaga 19SS Triple S are comfortable and super stylish. They are one pair that every fashion lover would love to add to their collection of casual wear.

 Unfortunately, being the high end shoes that they are, they are obviously expensive.  Balenciaga is a high-end brand and their products are expensive. Not everyone who envies the pairs can afford them. Many would need to save up or even spend a huge sum of their saving just to own these pairs, truth be told. If you are in for cheap sneakers, authentic Balenciaga 19ss might be out of your league. I’m not saying this in a bad way.

You do not need to save to own shoes. There is an option to owning original Balenciaga 19SS Triple.  This is purchasing high quality replica of the shoes from Primestuff. Why spend a fortune on shoes when you can purchase replica sneakers that are as good as the original pair.

The replica has the same features like the original ones. They are 100% similar; you won’t be able to tell which the replica is and which the original pair is. The high quality replica pairs are as good as the original Balenciaga. Does it sound too good to be true? Check the similarities of the replica Balenciaga and the original pairs as I have highlighted below.

Real vs High Quality Replica Analysis

  • Shape, color, and decorations

These shoes are white and blue in color. The original pair has a rigid shape. It has been made to be strong and depict a high sense of fashion. If you look at the high quality replica, it has the same rigidness. It has been made to be as sturdy as the original pair. Even a fake Balenciaga sneaker cannot come close to the level of workmanship.

Check out how similar the color and the shape of the original and the replica. You won’t be able to tell the original from the replica.

  • The Blue Mid sole Detailing

The mid sole of these Balenciaga shoes are blue, with a rough detailed pattern. The pattern is almost similar to the snake pattern. The definition and the detail of the pattern of the replica pair are similar to those of the original pair.  The pattern is all round in both the original and the replica sneaker; you won’t be able to differentiate them.

  • The Heel Tab

The heel tabs of both pairs are blue, with a grayish canvas extension. The tab is well padded in both pairs to ensure you are very comfortable walking and jogging in them. The feel of the tab against your feet is great in both pairs. There are no noticeable differences when it comes to the heel tabs of the real and the replicated pairs. Again, big thanks to the Balenciaga replica for pulling on such a surprise match.

  • The Tongue

The tongues of these sneakers are grayish at the centre and blue on the sides.  It has a section of with ‘triple s’ inscription on the gray surface. The mesh tongue of both the original and the replica shoe are well padded to give you the comfort you are paying for. They are similar in material, colour and shape. Compare and contrast the original tongue and the replicated one.

  • The Outer sole

The outer soles of Balenciaga shoes are always a little extra and unique.  The outer layer of the sole has a clear coating that allows you to see an inner blue layer. This is applicable in both the real and the replica pair. ‘Balenciaga’ has been inscribed on the clear surface of soles of both the real and replica.

The outer sole has defined elevations and depressions. This ensures you walk more comfortably in this shores. The definition of the elevations and the depression on the real and the replica Balenciaga is similar. The outer sole has some faint pattern too. The definition of the pattern on the sole of the real pair is similar to the definition on the replicated pair.

  • Sectional Stitching

This Balenciaga sneaker has even stitches on its body. The white stitches around the body ensure that different parts are firmly held together. If you look at the stitches of the cheap replica, they are similar to the stitches of the real pair. The pattern, color, firmness and evenness of the stitches on the replica pair have no differences with those of the real one. You are sure to have your high quality replica Balenciaga last as long as the real ones would. This is because the stitches have been done as perfectly as those on the real pair.

  • ‘Balenciaga’ Inscription

The top side of these sneakers have ‘BALENCIAGA’ inscribed in black.  If you compare the writing of Balenciaga on the original and the high quality replica Balenciaga, there is no difference. The spacing and the dimensions of the inscriptions are the same as shown below.

The original Balenciaga 19SS triple sneakers do not sale fast because a lot of people cannot afford the high end shoes. They therefore opt for cheap Balenciaga. There are lots of fake Balenciaga sneakers that look ridiculous, and no one really wants to have them on. Fortunately, Primestuff produces high quality replicas that are 100% similar to the original pairs. To purchase Balenciaga 19SS Triples replica, Primestuff is your solution.

 In conclusion, with the comparison I have made above, I’m assured that you will make the right choice. If you cannot cough the huge sums of money to purchase the original pair, the replica pairs are your way to go. For friendlier prices, I recommend that you settle who wholesale sneaker purchases at Primestuff.  With Primestuff, you will get discounts, and eventually value for your money.

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