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Need Help With Finding Suppliers ? Whatsapp or Imessage me: +85295810373
Saint LaurentShoes


Bike riding and racing is faster becoming a fun activity for a lot of people. It can be a little dangerous, especially if you don’t have safety gear. You need to include boots in your motorcycle safety gear. Just don’t settle for fake boots. YSL motor boots are not only safe, but also stylish and comfortable.

Providing style, comfort and safety is something most motor boots don’t manage.  Now that you are getting all that from YSL motor boots, you have to pay dearly for them. They have been made perfectly, using high quality material.  Not everyone who wishes to add these boots to their safety gear can comfortably do so.  The price is just a little overboard. But you got to hold on; I have a solution for you.… Read More


Rene Caovilla Women Sandals

There is something about the great pair of Rene Caovilla women’s sandals that is so timeless and chic. They are simple, yet so elegant. They have been made to ensure your feet are comfortable and look great.  Every woman should add these beauties to their shoe closet. They are a stylish way to make your relaxed style fancier and unique. They will definitely take your shoe game a notch higher.

Being luxurious, perfect and comfortable, they are obviously pricey. You don’t get to acquire shoes from high-end brands without parting with huge sums of money. You will obviously have to pay dearly. But I am not here to scare you from buying these Rene Caovilla women’s sandals. I am here to give you cheaper options to help you acquire them affordably.… Read More


White Air Force: Real vs High Quality Replica

Good shoes are something that we should all strive to have. Having good shoes says a lot about your mood, fashion sense and your attitude.  Good shoes should be stylish, classy and comfortable. White Air Force sneakers are one shoe that most people dream of owning.  They are your way of looking classy, stylish and expensive. They are an ideal way of upgrading your casual style.

Unfortunately, being the lavish shoes that they are, they are exorbitantly priced. Not everyone who covets these shoes can comfortably own them.  You don’t have to overstretch beyond your ability to look stylish in this high end brand. If you want these shoes badly, but you can’t afford them, keep reading, I have good news for you.… Read More

NikeNike Air JordanShoesSneakers

Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1: High Quality Replica vs Real Review

These Travis Scott x Air Jordan sneakers are one sophisticated pair that a lot of people covet. Many people dream of adding these masterpieces to their shoe collection. Unfortunately, being sneakers from high-end designer brands, they are very expensive. Being exorbitantly priced, most people will just look at them from the shelves of the stores or online stores.

Fortunately, I am here to help you look at these shoes on your feet, or shoe rack. Gone will be the days when you admired them from a far. I am here to let you know how you can obtain Travis Scott x Air Jordan sneakers without necessarily spending a fortune.  This is also for all the business people with fashion stores, if you cannot seem to sell the expensive Air Jordan; I have a way out for you.… Read More


Sacai x NK LVD Waffle Daybreak: Real vs High quality replica review

Nike sneakers are one of the most coveted shoes in the fashion world. Sacai x NK LVD Waffle Daybreak are beautifully made sneakers. Its bright color combination shows how bold and daring one can with fashion. Every fashion conscious person would love to own a pair of these sneakers.

 Being perfectly made sneakers from the high end brand of Nike, they are obviously pricey. Not everyone who dreams of having these shoes can afford them. They are therefore left for the few people who can comfortably afford them; without stretching beyond their limits. Of course, no one wants fake Nike sneakers on their shoe rack.

I, however, have good news for you.  You can own these Nike Daybreak sneakers while still on a budget.… Read More


Jimmy Choo Ashley Lady Heels

Simple yet classy high heels go a long way in upgrading your style. Jimmy Choo Ashley Lady Heels go a long way in building your confidence, class and style. These shoes are pure bliss. They have been made perfectly to ensure you are comfortable.

 The original heels cost an arm and a leg. You do not get to acquire them easily. You must part with some good money. That’s what you pay for perfection. Honestly, a lot of people who want to add these shoes to their shoe collection cannot afford them. This is why having these shoes remains a fantasy for many shoe lovers.

Don’t worry. If you want to upgrade your shoe game by adding these heels to your collection, I got you covered.… Read More


Off White x Nike Air Presto 1.0: Real vs High Quality Replica Comparison

This Off White X Nike Air Presto is one shoe that takes your casual style to another level. They are uniquely made, using high quality material.   A lot of people dream of having them. Unfortunately, they are exorbitantly priced. Not everyone who wishes to own a pair of them can afford them.

 There is no need to spend so much to look stylish, when you can look equally stylish on a budget. I recommend purchasing high quality cheap replica if you cannot afford the expensive original pair.  Purchasing the Off White replica is an ideal way to look fashionable while still on a budget.

The cheap replica sneakers are made to perfectly resemble the original pair. There are no noticeable differences between the replica pair and the original one.… Read More


Jimmy Choo Transparent Bottom Sneakers

These Jimmy Choo sneakers are your ideal way of upgrading your casual style. They have been made to exude class and confidence. The decorations on these sneakers make them stand out. The unique make and perfections of these Jimmy Choo sneakers make them high end. They are a lavish pair that every fashion conscious woman should own.

These shoes are very expensive, thanks to their perfect make and unique design. Being highly priced, not everyone can comfortably afford them.  Many people will opt to save up just to acquire these beauties. But honestly, why would you save up lots of money just to purchase sneakers? It is not worth it when you can purchase high quality JC replicas that are 100% similar to the real shoes.… Read More


Burberry Vintage Checked Lady Flat Shoe

The class that comes with Burberry Vintage checked lady flat shoe is just out of this world. The shoes have a touch of simplicity and elegance in them. Flat shoes come as a savior, especially when you need a break from high heels. These classy flat shoes are something that a lot of ladies would love to add to their closet. Simplicity, sophistication and elegance of these shoes are not traits you get from other regular flat shoes.

Being a high-end brand, Burberry shoes are obviously pricey. You cannot get these luxurious shoes cheaply. They have been made to stand out. To acquire them, therefore, you have to part with a huge sum of money. This is why they remain on store shelves for so long, they are ridiculously expensive.… Read More

Cartier WatchesWatches

Engraved Cartier Women’s Wrist Watch: Authentic vs High Quality Replica Review

To the ladies in the building, I know how much you love your accessories. You cannot step out without them. I understand; you want to look good. How about a cheap wrist watch? Don’t go there; I’m not talking about a fake timepiece that will water down your spot-on outfit.

Cartier wrist watch female model is what I’m talking about. Do I have your attention now? Good, because I’m about to revolutionize your accessories collection with this one of its kind timepieces. Let’s talk about Cartier a little bit. It is a house of timepiece that transcends eras, gender, and true to their quality. As you may already know, you can also easily get top quality Cartier replicas. I’ll get to that later in this post.… Read More


Chanel Patent Leather Beach Sandals: Authentic vs High Quality Replica Review

What comes to your mind when you hear of Chanel? Whatever it is, it has something to do with fashion or the iconic Coco Chanel. We all love the brand Chanel and whatever products coming from that house. I surely do.

If I may ask, what do you love most about Chanel; shoes, clothing, sliders, Chanel sandals? The last one got my attention. I recently came across cheap Chanel sandals in pure patented leather. They are the perfect shoes for the beach, and I said why not tell you about them. Now that it is summer across many regions, hitting the beaches will be a favorite activity. You do not want to show up for a sandy bath looking like you are going to work.… Read More

BalenciagaBalenciaga SneakersShoesSneakers

Balenciaga 19SS Triples: Real vs High quality Replica Review

Balenciaga sneakers are usually classy and very comfortable.  Balenciaga 19SS Triple S are comfortable and super stylish. They are one pair that every fashion lover would love to add to their collection of casual wear.

 Unfortunately, being the high end shoes that they are, they are obviously expensive.  Balenciaga is a high-end brand and their products are expensive. Not everyone who envies the pairs can afford them. Many would need to save up or even spend a huge sum of their saving just to own these pairs, truth be told. If you are in for cheap sneakers, authentic Balenciaga 19ss might be out of your league. I’m not saying this in a bad way.

You do not need to save to own shoes.… Read More

NikeNike Air JordanShoesSneakers

Air Jordan Retro High OG Obsidian: Real vs High Quality Replica Review

We all love to look stylish and classy.  Remarkable fashion statement is something we all love.  Most people will notice what shoes you are wearing before noticing anything else on you. This is why you have to wear good and classy shoes.

To get good shoes, you will have to pay dearly. Air Jordan Retro High OG Obsidian is one shoe pair that every fashion and shoe lover would be obsessed to own. Unfortunately, you will have to part with a huge sum of money unless you are fine with fake shoes. You don’t get to look classy without paying dearly. They are shoes that have been made to stand out and turn heads.

Truth be told, not everyone who covets real Air Jordan Retro High OG Obsidian sneakers can comfortably afford them.… Read More

GucciGucci ShoesShoes

GUCCI HORSEBIT LOAFER: Real vs High Quality Replica Review

There is one thing about Gucci; each of their product is ultimate perfection. For instance, Gucci shoes are some of the best quality you can get your hands on. For Gucci lovers, you are a witness to the greatness of both the brand and their products. Not just quality, Gucci is also a symbol of social standing. Wearing anything from them will definitely scale up your social appeal.

Well, there is the Gucci Horsebit Loafer. Ever heard of it or do you have one in your shoe collection? Once released into the market, this loafer smashed sales and popularity charts. Everyone wanted to a piece of it before it ran out of stock. Of course, there was a drop in its popularity after some time.… Read More


Authentic vs Fake Cartier Love Triangle Bracelets Review

Cartier love triangle bracelets are high-end jewellery. They are an accessory worn by women who understand how to accessorize with style.  They have been on top of their game since the 1970s. They are popular, even among reality stars, celebrities and fashion icons. They are your real deal to give more life to your clothes and fashion statements

Unfortunately, there are a lot of low quality Cartier Love bracelet replicas in the market. Your chances of purchasing fake Cartier love triangle bangles online or in stores are high, if you are not keen.   You honestly do not want to spend a lot of cash, just to end up with poor quality replica Cartier love triangle bangles. The bracelets are pricey. If you find cheap Cartier bangles going for less than $1000, run for the hills, that’s a red flag.… Read More


How to Spot a Fake Birkin Handbag and never get burned when Purchasing

Birkin bags are among the top designer bags in the market. They are classy bags whose superior quality is definitely worth your money. Unfortunately, the market is flooded with lots of fake and cheap Birkin handbags. In fact, your chances of landing a fake Birkin bag are higher than your chances of landing an authentic one. But armed with perfect skills and knowledge to differentiate a fake and an authentic Birkin bag, you are good to go shopping for the bag.

No one wants to spend a fortune just to obtain a fake and poorly made handbag. You sure do want to obtain value for your money. When you get your authentic Birkin bag, you will sure enjoy the keenly and beautifully crafted masterpiece.… Read More


Fake vs Real Converse Shoes Comparison and Buyer’s Guide

Converse shoes are one of the best and most comfortable sneakers to be ever made. They were first dedicated to playing basketball, but they are now common shoes in casual and street fashion. They are usually cute, and a good accessory for a relaxed yet comfortable fashion statement. There are a lot of fake converse shoes that have flooded the market. In fact, it is usually difficult to spot the difference between the fakes and the originals. Some manufacturers of the fake are so good at their game that they make them to be almost similar to the authentic converse shoes.  

 Despite trying their best, fake converse shoes are usually made of poor quality material, and they won’t last any long.… Read More

NikeNike Air JordanShoesSneakers

Air Jordan 6: Original vs High Quality Replica Review

Air Jordan 6 has taken the world of casual and relaxed fashion to a whole new level. The shoes have been made perfectly. Other than looking superb, Air Jordan sneakers are very comfortable.

 Air Jordan 6 sneakers are just perfect. I cannot praise them enough.  They are shoes that every fashion lover would love to acquire. Unfortunately, they are not cheap sneakers.  You cannot acquire such perfections cheaply.  You have to cough a huge sum of money just to add these masterpieces to your collection of shoes.

Honestly, it is absurd to save up money for months just to purchase a pair of sneakers, especially when you can easily purchase cheap sneakers that are equally classy. Don’t let your savings go down the drain.… Read More


Fake vs Real Coach Bag Review and Buying Guide

You have probably come across a cheap coach bag. The question you should be asking is, are these cheap bags authentic? Well, some of them are genuine while others are not. That is why I always insist you buy bags from a supplier you can trust. It is not everyone out there supplying genuine quality coach bags; some suppliers are out to make a quick dime.

However, it is not every one of us who can afford the authentic luxury bags. It is no way of judging those who prefer buying cheap bags. At times you come across unbelievable deals and you can’t wait to get your hands on your brand new Coach bag. To settle for a fake bag is a personal preference.… Read More

NikeNike Air JordanShoesSneakers

Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG ‘Yellow Toe”: Real vs High Quality Replica Comparison

Air Jordan is one of the best sneakers in the fashion industry. They are comfortable and very stylish. They are, however, very expensive, and not everyone who loves fashion can afford these masterpieces. The cost of these sneakers scares away a lot of people.  This is why most prefer to choose the high quality replica sneakers.

 If you can’t cough the huge sums of to purchase original Air Jordan, worry not, there is a way out for you. Truth be told, the cost of Air Jordan is ridiculously expensive. It is unrealistic to spend huge sum of cash on shoes when you have a way out with cheaper shoes.

 There are high quality Air Jordan replicas that 100% resemble the original Air Jordan.… Read More

NikeNike Air JordanShoesSneakers

Air Jordan 1 High OG Couture Defiant: Real vs High Quality Replica

Good yet lavish, shoes are something that we all want to own.  Good shoes say a lot about your personality.  Air Jordan 1 High OG Couture Defiant is one simple pair of sneakers that depict how the wearer is classy and fashionable. These shoes have been made to upgrade your casual style.

 Unfortunately, they are high-end luxurious shoes. You guess right, they are not cheap sneakers. Not everyone can comfortably afford them. They are ridiculously expensive.  This is why they would be admired just from the shelves and online stores. Not many people will admire these masterpieces from their feet and shoe racks.

 Fortunately, I am here to make you admire Air Jordan 1 High OG Couture Defiant sneakers from your feet and shoe rack.… Read More


How to Spot a Fake Michael Kors Bag

Michael Kors handbags are quickly taking the designer bag market by storm. These high-end bags are classy with a touch of sophistication. The handbags are well and beautifully crafted. Also, they are the ultimate deal for the confident woman who understands the evolving fashion trends.  Due to the keen attention given to this bag during their crafting, they are usually pricey.  The end product is definitely worth the money.

 For the high price, a lot of people will not be able or willing to spend so much on a designer bag. This way, they opt for cheap Michael Kors bags.  Purchasing fake MK handbags saves your money, but you won’t get to enjoy the features, class and superiority that come with original Michael Kors bag.… Read More


Fake vs Real Balenciaga Bag: the Ultimate Authentication Guide

Did you know that Balenciaga handbags are some of the best in the fashion market? Look around and you will see big names hanging or holding one of these luxury bags. However, that does not mean that your bag is genuine. You should be asking yourself, is my Bag real or fake Balenciaga? I know there are those who choose to buy fake products willingly. That is a personal decision and I respect that. However, there are those who get conned and spend their money on a fake bag believing it is the true quality. That is sad, and no one deserves to go through it.

Well, I’m here because I never want you to make a wrong decision. When you spend your money, it has to be on the right product.… Read More

GucciGucci sneakersShoesSneakers


Without the house of Gucci, the fashion industry would not be as we know it today. From humble beginnings, this fashion house has become a pillar of the entire industry and significant contributor to our closets. Gucci shoes have become synonymous with modern style, cool designs, and the go-to items for everyone in the society.

In particular, Gucci ace sneakers are like a hot cake. Everyone wants a piece of them. Created for the adventurers and anyone else who loves to look casual and be comfortable at the same time, the ace sneaker is the ultimate prize. Question is; can everyone afford the authentic quality of the Gucci sneaker with a star? No way, the price is out of reach for many.… Read More

Nike Air JordanSneakers

How to Spot Fake Cherry-Spot Air Jordan 13

When talking about mens sneakers, Air Jordan would dominantly be in your top list of choices. Made from the inspiration of Michael Jordan, the NBA great of all times, Air Jordan sneakers are true perfection in quality and functionality. The sneakers come in a long, rich list of series each with unique detailing. I would not blame if you cannot clearly settle for the best Air Jordan sneaker; they are so many that you cannot easily choose one over the other.

As great as the Jordan sneakers may be, there is one thing they cannot afford to shake off. Beating fake Air Jordans is like a nightmare. The problem of counterfeits is not only unique to sneakers; it is in every other item in the market.… Read More

Nike Air JordanSneakers

How to Spot Fake White-supreme Air Jordan 14

How do you feel after splashing a fortune on a pair of sneakers only to find out it is a fake Air Jordan? You will feel hollow and beaten. In fact, it will be a long time before you decide to buy anything else. Many of us have been down that path, and it is never an easy one.

Browsing over the internet I came across Fake white Supreme Air Jordan 14. At first, I couldn’t believe my eyes. How could they stain such a noble sneaker with cheaply-done fakes? It is the reality of the market today. If you are not careful, counterfeits will pull a quick one on you. Some of the fakes are expertly disguised as the real quality.… Read More


The Best Replica TAG Heuer Watches and Where to Buy to Buy them

Men always like to look perfect, and one way to that is wearing the right accessories. One of the areas men do not fail the fashion industry is in their wrist watches. So, what’s on your wrist? It does not matter whether they are real quality or replica watches; you always need a timepiece. I know there is a galore of choices. From high-end timepieces to regular ones in local markets; you always get something to fit into your budgets.

Well, today I would like to talk about TAG Heuer watches. Being one of the leading timepiece makers, TAG Heuer is no stranger to quality watches. When it comes to excellence in quality, performance, and elegance; they know how to package it all in one piece.… Read More


The History of Gucci and the Brand’s Revolution

What automatically strikes your mind when you hear of Gucci? I must admit there is a lot to talk about this great house of fashion. Most recently, Alessandro Michele has scaled up Gucci to be in sync with today’s trends. Before her it was Tom Ford with his almost controversial silhouettes and sexy ads. However, before all this rumbling, Gucci started from a humble background.

From a time when it was almost impossible to get a fake Gucci to a time when you can easily make your purchase online; Gucci has been through it all. It is a long story and I’m going to tell you about it as it happened.

Let’s rewind the clock back to March, the 26th day of 1881.… Read More


Female Designers who revolutionized fashion forever

The fashion industry, as you know it today, is the work of tireless individuals who gave all their life to see it succeed. From the ancient years when technology was just a dream to today when the world is a global village, fashion and the runways have come a long way. Interestingly, women have been part of the wheel of change that has seen the industry grow. Whether it is bags, shoes, clothing, accessories, name them; women have literally revolutionized the field of what we wear. We are talking of fashion from real to cheap high quality replicas. Again, women have given it all to the success of this multi-billion industry.

Today, I want us to take a look at the history of fashion.… Read More


How to real Replica Chanel Bags: the example of Chanel Classic Flap Bag

Do you own a Chanel bag? It does not matter if it is real or Chanel bag replica. These bags are a touch of class and timeless. You can swing one over your shoulder as you attend any occasion. Yes, that is Chanel for you.

However, there is always the risk of getting a low quality Chanel bag. After spending a handsome amount, this is the last kind of news you would want to hear. Well, I’m here to make sure you do not get conned out of your hard-earned cash. How do I make sure of that? I will give you a detailed account on how to spot a fake Chanel bag. Particularly, I will be using Chanel Classic Flap bag as an example.… Read More


Novesta X CDG Canvas Shoe: Real vs High Quality Replica Review

Summer is the best time to have fun. The sun is usually high and the shine is always inviting. Typically, this is the time to dress light and colorful. Not forgetting to get the best shoes to go with the mood. It could be cheap shoes, but as long as they take care of your feet; you are good to go. If you are here looking for the perfect shoe for summer, I have good news for you. This is probably going to be the best summer you have ever had.

Novesta X CDG canvas shoe is not your average piece. It is created for the wildest individuals who can never have enough of the summer shine. I’m talking about a shoe tested and proven to be the perfect foot companion for the hot weather.… Read More

BeltsLouis Vuitton

Real vs Fake: Replica Louis Vuitton Belt Review and Buying Guide

Mens belts are very crucial part of their outfits. Even for women too, belts complete the fashion statement. In fact, belts say a lot about you than you might think. It does not matter that it is a cheap belt, a high quality replica, or the real one; you need some good piece around your waist.

Given the importance of belts, counterfeits are always looking to cash in dimes they do not deserve. I belief you already know about Louis Vuitton belts. If not, I will tell you they are great pieces that deserve space in your collection of accessories. It is in their greatness that coincidentally you find their weakness. Fake artists use LV belts popularity to make low quality pieces that easily trick those who are less familiar with the brand.… Read More

HandbagsLouis Vuitton

The New replica LV Bag Wave is purely charming

When it was becoming very easy to come across a fake Louis Vuitton bag, the brand must have been losing billions of dollars. Part of the reasons for easy counterfeiting may have been staying on the same monogram designs for so long that con artists learned the game. It seems, Louis Vuitton realized that and moved from the old designs to a new wave of colorful masterpieces. We are talking about LV’s new crop of bags that have taken a totally different direction. Since the summer of 2018, the new pieces from Louis Vuitton have been the talk of the fashion industry and gossip magazines.

A few months after the release of the new wave women handbags, I was nostalgic about the old monogram bags.… Read More

GucciGucci Shoes

Spotting Real Gucci Loafers

Like every other iconic fashion house, Gucci has been through ups and downs, wins and losses. It is all part of the business especially this one done on runways. One of the areas that keep changing with every new creative director is the aesthetics of the house. Let’s take a ride back in history and put this into perspective.

In the 90s, Tom Ford was the head creative director of the house Gucci. Coincidentally, Gucci was facing bankruptcy. To steer away from this looming disaster, Tom Ford took a shot at intensive sexy ad campaigns, hip huggers, and shirts with louche silk. It worked and Gucci was no longer in a financial depression.

Out went Tom Ford and in came Frida Giannini.… Read More

Rolex WatchesWatches

Before you ignorantly cover your wrist in a Rolex; know these 10 things first

Rolex. Mention that name anywhere and everyone will know what you are talking about. Having a Rolex watch on your wrist is a definition of class and a deep pocket. Rolex timepieces are a different ballgame that not everyone can be part of. But whether you have a Rolex or not, there are some interesting things about the brand you would want to know.

Today, I’m going to take you through a ride of knowing some of the 10 most interesting facts about Rolex. Some will leave you with a dropping jaw.

  • It is not Switzerland but England where Rolex originally started

Today, Rolex operates from Switzerland and many believe this is where it all started. To your surprise, Rolex started in London as early as 1905.… Read More


10 replica handbags that smashed the Global Sale Charts

There is a thing about bags; they come in all colors, shapes, sizes, and designs. Of course there are the real ones, which are the crème de la crème. Next are the replica designer bags, and they are the closest you can get to the real deals. Of course, there are fake handbags. They come at the tail-end in terms of quality and general outlook. Moreover, there are expensive bags as well as cheap bags. What is your style for a perfect bag?

In this post I will talk about ten bags that sold the most around the world. This is a collection of bag from top luxury brands. You may already have one in your closet.

  • Louis Vuitton Speedy bag

In a small size, the LV Speedy sack was a touch of class.… Read More

NikeNike Air JordanSneakers

A Brief History of Air Jordans in Pictures

Today, I’m going to take a break from the fake Air Jordan vs real niche. In its place, I will walk you through the journey of Air Jordans. Yes, I’m talking about the shoes build around Michael Jordan. It was a big brand back then and still shakes the world of fashion today. If anything, this line of sneakers has dominated and still does only not in sports but for a score of other fields/occasions.

Michael is the GOAT of basketball. That is not debatable. Did you also know that he’s the OG of sneakers? Yes, he is and that is why he got a series of shoes under his endorsement sending the fashion industry into endless waves for more than three decades.… Read More

HandbagsLouis Vuitton

Interesting Facts you did not know about Louis Vuitton

It is at the tender age of 16 that Louis Vuitton started his trunk business. Unknown to the young lad, this was one of the best decisions he would ever make in his life. Today, Louis Vuitton is a global giant in the production of luxury fashion goods of all nature. His company became operational in 1854 with headquarters in Paris. Since then, the young and ambitious fashion connoisseur never looked back. His brand is now synonymous with quality and luxury.

There is a lot to the name and brand than most of us know. That is why today I will furnish you with some of little known facts about Louis Vuitton.

  • Unsold Louis Vuitton products are shredded or burned at the close of each season

It happens that Louis Vuitton does not always sell its seasonal products at 100%.… Read More


Cheap replica Designer handBags you should buy in 2019

It is not always about investing in expensive bags to remain fashionable. You can buy cheap bags and still be a rocking star. But that means you have to find a reliable cheap replica handbags store to go with your style. First of all, let me tell you about some of the top cheap replica designer handbags that you should buy in 2019. Later on, I will lead you to where you can get wholesale bags at ridiculously cheap prices.  

  • Want Clear-to-see Bag

This cheap bag has a patented faux leather body. It is transparent hence the name clear-to-see. Other of its attractive features are the neck strap chain and a buckled closure. For a casual occasion and each day look, this handbag is the best choice.… Read More


How to Spot a real vs fake Gucci White Half Sleeve T-shirt

There is no denying that Gucci t shirts are popular around the world. Do you ever wonder why it is the case? They are elegant, fashionable, and a mile ahead of the competition. It is time you grab your favorite tee shirt from Gucci and light up your closet.

However, as it is with everything nowadays, Gucci tee shirts have been infiltrated by fake merchandise. You can get out there and spend your money only to realize that your best buy is a fake. I know how it feels because I have been down that path more than once. That is why I came up with this post to help you spot a fake Gucci t shirt from the real quality tees. In this case, I will use Gucci White Half Sleeve T-shirt for my illustrations.… Read More


The Replica Audemars Piguet watches series 15350 vs the Original and fake spot review

V9 is a powerhouse of iconic timepieces. They know how to dress your wrist in the style that will set tongues wagging. Today, we are going to look at Audemars Piguet series 15350 for men’s watches that is exactly as the original V9. In fact, the replica Audemars Piguet watches captures every tiny detail and it becomes literally impossible to tell it from the original piece.

When it comes to the inner working and design of their watches, V9 opens up their purse. No expense is spared until the right quality is guaranteed for customers. On the original model, a delicate process of opening up the piece is undertaken. Every part is worked on one at a time. Such is what results into reduced height and stable movement of this one of its kind timepieces.… Read More


Dior Summer High Top Sneakers: Real vs High Quality Replica

First off, there is a sneaker wave sweeping across the world. People from all social circles are going crazy for sneakers. It is all for good reasons. These shoes are fashionable, comfortable, and fit in with all occasions.

As we talk about sneakers, it is impossible to leave out Dior men’s sneaker shoes. They have been at the forefront driving the wave of popularity. It is no wonder that celebrities as well as the common man in the street find these shoes quite a popular choice. Even for you, it is time you get one of these pieces from Dior Shoes and bring your swag back on.

As you make a decision, you may have to choose between a real and high quality replica Dior sneaker.… Read More

NikeNike Air JordanSneakers

Spotting replica Air Jordan shoes: Real vs Fake review

Across the globe, you can easily buy fake shoes. Recently, a smuggling ring was busted bringing in fake Air Jordans into New Jersey and New York. Five of the smugglers are now looking up to 20 years in prison for the offense of trafficking fake sneakers from Nike associated with the legend of basketball, Michael Jordan.

Now that you know you can easily buy a fake Nike Air shoe, it is time you understand how to tell a real from a fake. With me, I have a pair of Air Jordan shoes. One is a fake and the other is a real Air Jordan 1. I will go over the details pointing out the differences of telling the fake from the real shoe.… Read More

HH replica vs real

Chanel Slide Sandals: HH Replica vs Real Review

Chanel Slide Sandals: HH Replica vs Real Review


Not far from the strapped sandal, Chanel slider sandals are causing quite a stir with their popularity. It is now the designer sandal of choice for those who love the class and staying fashionable. While the real quality Chanel is the real deal, HH Replica vs Real has done some not-so-bad catching up.

Here, I would like to help you understand the differences or similarities between the real Chanel sandal and what HH is offering. At the end of this read, I will also tell you another spot you can get high-quality Chanel replicas superior to what HH is giving you. With that out of our way, let us now explore the subject of the day.… Read More

Spotting fake replica Nike
NikeNike Air MaxSneakers

Spotting fake replica Nike Air Max 90: How to never be scammed

Spotting fake replica Nike Air Max 90: How to never be scammed

Spotting fake replica Nike
When talking about fashion and high-end brands, the talk is never complete without mentioning Nike. Being one of the biggest fashion trendsetters, Nike is a global brand and a darling to people from all corners of the globe.

This explains why it is not so hard to come by fake Nike Sneaker I mean, with such popularity, it is always easy to take advantage of the diehard fans of Nike shoes.

Fortunately for you, I got your back as I always bring you spot-on information on how to tell the fakes from the real deals. Today, I will be talking about one of the biggest shoe hits from Nike.… Read More

GucciGucci HandbagsHandbags

How to Spot Fake Gucci handbag vs Authentic Dionysus GG Medium Shoulder Bag

Ladies, you all know how important a handbag is to your outdoor life. It takes up a few of your necessities to keep you looking hot all the time. We can all agree that sometimes a small-size bag is what you need when going out for a dinner or a meet-up with friends. On that one, nothing comes to mind like small and medium size Gucci bags. They are a cut above the best and will underline your sense of fashion.

In particular, Gucci Dionysus GG supreme shoulder bag is a choice you never regret making. This Gucci bag Dionysus is not only trendy and stylistic, but also a functional piece to have in your handbags collection. Are you now convinced to gift yourself a Gucci Dionysus mini bag?… Read More

How to spot fake Gucci Ace Sneakers
GucciGucci ShoesGucci sneakersSneakers

How to spot fake Gucci Ace Sneakers and high quality replica ace sneakers review

How to spot fake Gucci Ace Sneakers

How to spot fake Gucci Ace Sneakers
Are you Gucciphile?

Then you must know that the Florentine House has been under the watchful eyes of Alessandro Michele since 2015. Upon taking reins, Michele led a revolution that saw everything changing. In the line of change was the Gucci ace sneaker.

The ace saw a new dawn thanks to the more-is-more approach adopted by the new fashion sheriff in town. This shoe is now a must-have piece and its popularity is hitting an all-time high.

With the surge came the wave of counterfeits. Lousy merchants were out to take advantage of unsuspecting buyers.

Thankfully, I have decided to draw the line between the real and fake Gucci ace sneakers.… Read More


Real vs Fake Goyard Handbags and high quality replica Goyard bags reviews

How sure are you it is not a fake Goyard bag hanging from the side of your shoulder? It is not an easy question to answer. Some will argue that they bought it from a reputable online store. Others will say that they paid top price for the bag. Does any of those excuses justify that yours is a real Goyard Bag? Not really. To tell a real from a replica Goyard handbag, it has to go beyond what meets the eye. It means you need to engage all your senses to tell a real from a fake.

Not everyone has the time to compare something they are buying. Sometimes you make a rushed decision convinced it is the right one only to be the opposite.… Read More

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