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Authentic vs Fake Cartier Love Triangle Bracelets Review

Authentic vs Fake Cartier Love Triangle Bracelets Review

Cartier love triangle bracelets are high-end jewellery. They are an accessory worn by women who understand how to accessorize with style.  They have been on top of their game since the 1970s. They are popular, even among reality stars, celebrities and fashion icons. They are your real deal to give more life to your clothes and fashion statements

Unfortunately, there are a lot of low quality Cartier Love bracelet replicas in the market. Your chances of purchasing fake Cartier love triangle bangles online or in stores are high, if you are not keen.   You honestly do not want to spend a lot of cash, just to end up with poor quality replica Cartier love triangle bangles. The bracelets are pricey. If you find cheap Cartier bangles going for less than $1000, run for the hills, that’s a red flag.

Spotting and differentiating an authentic Cartier bracelet from a fake one is not easy. In fact, it can be quite challenging for a first timer. It can be tricky to spot the differences with a single glance, unless you are familiar with them. You need to be super keen, because you don’t want to end up with fake jewellery made of poor quality materials. You obviously want to get value for your money.

Don’t start panicking. I am here to show you pointers that will help you notice fake Cartier love triangle jewellery before you purchase them. With these pointers, I am sure you will be able to spot a fake one online, or when a friend is rocking them, you will be able to determine whether they are counterfeit or not. Let’s roll!

  • Finishing of the jewellery

Cartier Jewellery will always have exemplary finishing.  After all, you are paying for perfection.  All the screws should be well aligned and perfectly straight. The screws should also be spread out evenly.  The screws of a fake bracelet are often overlapping. The edges should have a very smooth finishing, which makes sure your hands are secure while you are wearing them. By just touching an authentic, you will feel that it has been well made. If you spot any imperfection on the finishing, you are most likely looking at a fake Cartier love triangle bangle.   

To be sure, the two halves of your bangle should be aligning perfectly when closed, otherwise that’s fake. When you are having a lot of trouble with the closure and the closing screws, you have a reason to start doubting the authenticity of the love bangle. Using the accompanying screwdriver, you should experience no trouble closing the bangle.

 Observe how this fake bangle has been finished poorly.  The finishing just looks cheap.

Notice how the finishing of the fake looks rounded than the real one.

  • Hallmarks and imprints

All designer accessories will always have trademarks, hallmarks and imprints that counterfeits cannot duplicate.  When the fake Cartier love triangle bangle tries to duplicate the imprints of the originals, they fail terribly.

 First things first, if the imprints are not crystal clear, you are most likely holding a counterfeit. If there are any smudges, unclear prints or looks damaged, that’s a fake. For the Cartier Love triangle bangle, the first thing to look at is the ‘Cartier’ logo. If your love bangle does not have it, or has it in a different font, you are having bad quality replica jewellery. Take note of the font used to be able to spot fakes with ease.

 Secondly, the material hallmark is another thing you should look for while observing Cartier Love triangle bangles. They have a ‘750’ written on it. This means that the bangle is made of 75% gold. The font of the 750 and the spacing between the digits is an easier way to tell whether a bangle is an original or a replica. Furthermore, the bangles will always have sizes indicated, usually between 16 and 20. If any of these is missing, you are holding a counterfeit.

 Each love bangle has a unique serial number. Any with similar serial number is obviously a counterfeit. To be sure, you can run the serial number online, just to countercheck.

  • Size of the screw and diamonds

The sizes of the screw are usually too huge on the fakes. They also usually have fake diamonds, which appear to be bigger. The diamonds on the real one are smaller. Check out the size, alignment and arrangement of the screws and diamonds. Anything fishy or poorly done means you are 99% holding a fake accessory. Sometimes, the fakes will not have diamonds at all. Beware.

 Other than these observable differences, Cartier love triangle bangles usually weigh around 33 to38 grams. This is because they are made of precious metals. The variation in weight is because of the different precious metals used in different models. Cheap fakes will always be lighter. Anything that feels so light is most likely to be a counterfeit.

 The color of the Cartier love triangle bangles is one thing you can look at to determine whether they are authentic or not. Authentic Cartier love triangle bangles come in rich shades of yellow gold, platinum, rose gold and white gold. Faint shades are a red flag.  

With these differences, you should be able to differentiate between a fake and an authentic Cartier Love triangle bangle. However, while shopping, before going into too much detail, check the price. Save your time. If the price is ridiculously low, walk away. We are talking about some of the best jewellery, made of precious metals. You cannot expect them to be so cheap, even when they are second hand. Like stated earlier, anything below $1000 is a red flag.  

Price of the bangles is not the only way to detect a fake bangle. There are a lot of online sellers and stores that will sell counterfeits as expensive as authentic ones. Be careful, lest you get conned. If you would like a reputable supplier for high quality replica accessories, Primestuff should be your spot. Stocking all brands of prime quality accessories, you will never lack anything for your fashion shop.

In conclusion, Cartier Love triangle bangles are a must-have for any woman who loves class and sophistication. If you cannot cough a huge sum of money to have the authentic ones, I would recommend that you go for the wholesale Cartier Love triangle bangles. This way, you will save a few bucks. Again, Primestuff can handle any volume of orders.

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