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Air Jordan Retro High OG Obsidian: Real vs High Quality Replica Review

Air Jordan Retro High OG Obsidian Real vs High Quality Replica Review

We all love to look stylish and classy.  Remarkable fashion statement is something we all love.  Most people will notice what shoes you are wearing before noticing anything else on you. This is why you have to wear good and classy shoes.

To get good shoes, you will have to pay dearly. Air Jordan Retro High OG Obsidian is one shoe pair that every fashion and shoe lover would be obsessed to own. Unfortunately, you will have to part with a huge sum of money unless you are fine with fake shoes. You don’t get to look classy without paying dearly. They are shoes that have been made to stand out and turn heads.

Truth be told, not everyone who covets real Air Jordan Retro High OG Obsidian sneakers can comfortably afford them. This is why they will stay long on store shelves and online stores. They don’t sell faster because they are ridiculously expensive. How about going for Air Jordan replicas?

If you badly want to own these shoes, I have good news for you. You can settle for high quality replicas that are 100% similar to the real shoes. The cheap replicas have been made so perfectly, you won’t be able to notice any defects of differences from the real shoes.

 Check out the review I have compiled below. The review shows how perfect the high quality replicas are.

Real vs High Quality Replica Comparison

  • The Nike Swoosh

These shoes have a navy blue Nike swoosh cutting across its sides. The Navy blue swoosh on the real sneaker is 100% similar to the swoosh on the replica sneaker.  If you compare the dimension, color, location and texture of the Nike swoosh on the real and the replicated pair; you sure won’t notice any palatable differences.

  • Air Jordan Logo

The Air Jordan logo is placed on the upper side of the sneaker, close to the mouth, below the eyelets.  The black logo has been done on a sky blue surface. The logo on the replica has been perfectly done.  There are no defects or smudges on the embedment of the logo. The logo on the replica sneaker has the trademark sign too. The size, location and design of the logo are 100% similar on the two pairs. Compare the logo on the replica and the real pair below.

  • The High Top

The upper part of this shoe is navy blue in color. Just slightly below the upper part of the mouth is a sky blue section. The upper surface has been folded perfectly to ensure you are comfortable walking in this shoe. The folds have been reinforced by perfect, even and firm stitches. These stitches ensure your shoes last long. You cannot expect this level of professionalism on fake Air Jordans.

 The high top design of the real shoes is 100% similar to the real top of the replicated shoes.  Check out how similar the high tops of real and the replicated pairs are below.

  • The Sky Blue Back

The rear view of these sneakers is sky blue. The intensity of the sky blue color on the real pair is the same as the intensity on the replicated pair.  The sky blue sections are reinforced by strong and firm sky blue stitches. The texture of the surface of the real piece, by looking and touching it is similar to the texture of the sneaker replica. The color similarity on the real shoe is 100% similar to the color similarity on the replica.

Observe the 100% similarity on the two pairs below.

  • Material and Construction

First, this shoe is made of high quality leather exterior, with a high quality rubber sole. The materials have been combined to come up with a sturdy shoe that stands out. If you purchase a shoe that is flabby, just know it is poor quality and probably a fake.  The high quality replica shoe is as sturdy as the real pair. It looks rigid and stands tall even when not worn.

 The entire shoe is a combination of white, sky blue and navy blue.  The different sections have been reinforced using firm and evenly done double stitches. The color of the stitches is usually similar to the color of the section being joined to the other.

With this comparison, I am sure you can now make a wise choice of saving money and opting for the high quality Air Jordan Retro replicas. Unless your bank accounts are loaded, there is no need of letting your money down the drain, when you can save a lot of it.

When opting for replicas, you ought to be very careful. The market is flooded with poorly made Fake Air Jordan Retro High OG Obsidian. You don’t want to purchase funny looking shoes in the name of Air Jordan Retro replica. I want you to purchase high quality replicas. And this is why I am recommending Primestuff.

Primestuff is an online store that deals in high quality replicas. Their replicated pairs are so good; you won’t be able to spot any defects on them. For fashion store owners, Primestuff deals in wholesale Air Jordan Retro replica. Purchase these sneakers in wholesale to get value for your money and amazing discounts.

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