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Air Jordan 6: Original vs High Quality Replica Review

Air Jordan 6 Original vs High Quality Replica Review

Air Jordan 6 has taken the world of casual and relaxed fashion to a whole new level. The shoes have been made perfectly. Other than looking superb, Air Jordan sneakers are very comfortable.

 Air Jordan 6 sneakers are just perfect. I cannot praise them enough.  They are shoes that every fashion lover would love to acquire. Unfortunately, they are not cheap sneakers.  You cannot acquire such perfections cheaply.  You have to cough a huge sum of money just to add these masterpieces to your collection of shoes.

Honestly, it is absurd to save up money for months just to purchase a pair of sneakers, especially when you can easily purchase cheap sneakers that are equally classy. Don’t let your savings go down the drain. Opt for high quality replica Air Jordan sneakers, and you will be thankful. The high quality replicas are 100% similar to the original Air Jordan sneakers.

The replicas I am talking about have been made perfectly. You won’t be able to spot any defects or differences from the real pair. The only difference between the real and the replicated pair is the replicas are reasonably and affordably price. I know this sounds too good to be true.  Hold on, I have compiled a comparison of the real and the replica Air Jordan 6 below, just to prove to you. Compare and contrast the two pairs below;

Original vs High Quality Replica Air Jordan 6

  • Reflective Silver

There is reflective silver on the midsole of these shoes. The reflective silver is see-through. You can notice the two sole protrusions through it.  The location of the reflective silver, the design and the size on the real pair is 100% identical to the replicated pair. In fact, they are as good as interchangeable. Check out the image comparison of the reflective silver of the real and the high quality sneaker replica below.

  • The Toe Box

The toe box of these sneakers is grey. The material used to make the toe box has some little sheen. You will notice the intensity of the sheen on the real pair is similar to that on the cheap replica pair. Grey stitches join the toe box to the sides and upper part of the shoes. In both the real and the replicated pair, the stitches are double, firmly and neatly done.   Check out the design, color, stitches and size of the toe boxes of the real and replicated pairs below.

  • The entire Back

The back side of the midsole of these shoes is black. There are small red extensions on the upper side of the midsole. Above the midsole, there is the black Nike Air logo done on the gray surface. In most cases, replicas fail terribly in replicating the logos of originals. But these high quality replicas nailed it. The two logos are 100% similar. The way the Nike Swoosh interconnects with the ‘NIKE’ is identical in the two pairs. The dimensions, spacing, color, design and font of the letters in the logo are 100% similar in the real and the cheap Air Jordan 6.

 There is a black semi-circular tag with a red stripe stitched on the upper surface of the heel tab. This feature is present on the replica pair as well. The tag is attached to the shoe using black stitches. Check out the comparison of the backside of the real and the Primestuff replica pairs below.

  • Midsole detailing

This is not your regular sneakers, especially when it comes to the detailing on its body. The details on the midsole are so vivid; it won’t be easy to replicate them.  With these high quality replicas, the replication is 100% perfect. The midsole has black, gray, red and white colors. These colors come in different sections of the midsole.  The midsole’s slight protrusions, color interchanges and design on the real pair are 100% similar to the replica sneaker. Check out the similarity below.

  • The Body and Construction

These shoes have been constructed to stand out. The detailing on these shoes is what attracts most people. The manufacturers were so keen on the details. The sturdy body of the shoes is noticeable on both the replica and the real pair. The sturdiness implies that the shoes have been made using high quality material. The color of the shoes and the stitches that join the parts of the shoes together are 100% similar. The shapes of the shoes are also similar. The perforations on some sections of the shoes have the same design and pattern on the two pairs. No fake sneaker can come close to such resemblance.

 Check out the body, construction and materials used to craft the real and replicated pairs below. You sure won’t notice any differences.

You probably didn’t know that replicas can be so good. But with these similarities, I am convinced that you are fully knowledgeable. You are aware that there are high quality replicas, like the one I have been illustrating from the start, and poor quality replicas, like the ones you have most likely seen already.

High qualities replicas are 100% similar to the real shoes, as you have seen above.  However, the market has a lot of low quality replicas. These low quality fake Air Jordan replicas are made using poor quality materials. They have lots of defects and differences from the real shoes. You don’t want to look absurd wearing ludicrous looking shoes. It is for this reason that I recommend Primestuff.

Primestuff is an online store that deals in high quality replica. It is your ideal shopping place for wholesale Air Jordan sneakers.  If you own a wholesale shop, make value for your money by buying wholesale sneakers from Primestuff.

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