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Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG ‘Yellow Toe”: Real vs High Quality Replica Comparison

Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG ‘Yellow Toe” Real vs High Quality Replica Comparison

Air Jordan is one of the best sneakers in the fashion industry. They are comfortable and very stylish. They are, however, very expensive, and not everyone who loves fashion can afford these masterpieces. The cost of these sneakers scares away a lot of people.  This is why most prefer to choose the high quality replica sneakers.

 If you can’t cough the huge sums of to purchase original Air Jordan, worry not, there is a way out for you. Truth be told, the cost of Air Jordan is ridiculously expensive. It is unrealistic to spend huge sum of cash on shoes when you have a way out with cheaper shoes.

 There are high quality Air Jordan replicas that 100% resemble the original Air Jordan.  The features of the original are similar to the cheap Air Jordan; you will not be able to differentiate the replica pair from the original one. If you want to drop killer fashion statements without crippling your bank account, why not get these cheap sneakers. They are your ideal way to look fashionable on a budget.

 I have discussed features of original Air Jordan that are 100% similar to the features of the top quality Air Jordan replicas. Read on to see how perfectly the cheap air Jordan has been made to resemble the original pairs of the sneakers.

Real vs High Quality Replica Review

  • Inner Soles

The inner soles of Air Jordan are sky blue with diagonal stripes. The inner sole of the replica have been made to 100% resemble the inner sole of the original. The stripes of both inner soles are a darker shade of blue.  The inner sole of the replica sneaker has been made to be comfortable just like those of the original. They are soft and feel great against your feet.

 You don’t have to spend so much when you can get value for your money at a lower price. The inner sole of the cheap Air Jordan are similar to the originals, by looking at them, and having your feet against them. Check out the inner sole of the original and the replica below.

  • Tag

The tag of the original Air Jordan is black, with yellow inscriptions. The tag is stitched on the inner side of the shoe using black thread.  If you compare the tag of the replica shoe and the original, you will not see any differences.  You will also notice the patterns of the stitches attaching the tags to the shoes are also similar.

  • Back of the Collar

The back of the collar has the Nike swoosh and ‘Nike Air’ in yellow inscribed on the black fabric.  You will notice the inscription of both the replica and original pairs are embroidered clearly. The dimensions of the inscriptions are similar, and someone cannot tell the difference. Look at the back of the collar of the original and the cheap Air Jordan, no difference at all.

  • The Top back V-angle

The top area of the back of Air Jordan has a V-shape. It is usually around 60 degrees. This is unlike most fake sneakers whose top back shape is almost semi-circular. The thick interior padding of the Air Jordan is responsible for this shape.  If you look at the back top of the replica, it also has the V-shape. The interior of the replica is also padded, giving its top the V-shape.  The thick padding ensures you are comfortable rocking these shoes. The shape of the replica looks just like that of the original as shown below.

  • The Heel Counter

The color and stitching are flawless. The replica sneaker did a lot of research to get it right. You cannot tell a single difference between the two pairs.

  • The Outer Sole

The outer soles of original Air Jordan are yellow in colour. They have been made of high quality material and have a distinct pattern to improve your comfort while walking. If you compare the outer sole of the replica Air Jordan and those of the authentic pair, you will spot no tangible differences. They are no differences that you can note with your first glance at them. Both the replica and authentic soles have the Nike logo.  The sole of the cheap Air Jordan is just as comfortable and thick as those of the authentic pair.

  • The Mid Sole and Nike Swoosh

The mid sole of this Air Jordan is white.  They are firmly attached to the outer sole to ensure they last long.   Mid sole of the replica sneaker pair are just the like those of the original one. There are no tangible differences between the two pairs.

 The body of the original shoe has a Nike Swoosh cutting across the back side of the shoe. The Nike swoosh is black in colour. If you look at the Nike swoosh of the replica pair, the dimension, quality and colour is just the same to the Nike swoosh on the original pair. There are no tangible differences. You cannot expect a fake Nike to match such perfection.

  • The Air Jordan Logo and Cuts on the sole

The Air Jordan logo is rightfully placed on the replica shoe. The logo has been perfectly done on the cheap Air Jordan; nobody will be able to notice that you are rocking a fake pair.

At the back side of the outer sole, this Air Jordan has some cuts. The cuts go round the half-backside of the shoes.  The sneaker replicas have the same cuts, with the same definition and dimensions. These cuts ensure you walk comfortably in these shoes.

With the features discussed above, I am convinced that you are well aware of your choice of quality replicas on a budget.  This option is ideal for both individuals and business people. If you are having trouble with the customer flow due to the expensive Air Jordan, try out the replicas. The best quality sneaker replicas will obviously sell fast because they are cheaper and have no much physical difference from the original.

If you choose high quality replicas carefully, your customers will look as fashionable as someone who spent a lot of money on authentic pairs. For trusted high quality replicas, check out Primestuff.  For wholesale sneakers and shoes, Primestuff is your ideal online store. It has all your wholesale shoes needs sorted out at a very friendly price.

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