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Air Jordan 1 High OG Couture Defiant: Real vs High Quality Replica

Air Jordan 1 High OG Couture Defiant

Good yet lavish, shoes are something that we all want to own.  Good shoes say a lot about your personality.  Air Jordan 1 High OG Couture Defiant is one simple pair of sneakers that depict how the wearer is classy and fashionable. These shoes have been made to upgrade your casual style.

 Unfortunately, they are high-end luxurious shoes. You guess right, they are not cheap sneakers. Not everyone can comfortably afford them. They are ridiculously expensive.  This is why they would be admired just from the shelves and online stores. Not many people will admire these masterpieces from their feet and shoe racks.

 Fortunately, I am here to make you admire Air Jordan 1 High OG Couture Defiant sneakers from your feet and shoe rack.  The secret is purchasing high quality replicas Air Jordan 1 that are 100% similar to the real pairs.  These high quality replicas are very affordable, despite being perfectly made. I am well aware that you have come across ugly looking fake Air Jordan 1 High OG Couture Defiant. The high quality replicas I am talking about have been made perfectly to resemble the real pair.  Sounds too good to be real?  Hold on, I am just about to prove how perfect the high quality replica sneakers are.

Check out the perfection of the high quality replica I am talking about below.

Real vs High Quality Air Jordan 1 High OG Couture Defiant Review

  • Perforated Toe Box

The toe box of these shoes has some holes. The holes have been arranged perfectly, both vertically and horizontally. This alignment of the holes is similar in both the replica shoe and the real pair of the sneakers.  The pattern depicted on the real pair is 100% similar to the pattern depicted on the replica.

 Check out the small holes on the toe boxes of the real and the replicated pair.

  • Tongue and Eyelets

The tongue of these shoes shows small eyelets on either side. The eyelets are simple, with no much complication. There are black with even stitches that firmly join the different parts of the tongue together.  The similarity of the tongue design, the eyelets and the stitches of the real and replica pair is 100%. You sure won’t notice any differences from the two pairs.

 Check out the 100% resemblance of the tongues and eyelets of the real and replicated pair.

  • Brand Logo

The ‘Nike Air’ brand logo of these shoes is placed somewhere above the outer surface of the tongue. The logo is inscribed on a small leather tag before being stitched on the tongue. The logo is in bright red color. The easily visible Nike Air logo, which encompasses the Nike swoosh is perfectly done on the cheap replica too. Check out the similarity between the brand logo of the replica and the real shoes below.

  • Midsole

The midsole of these shoes are cream white in color. The dimension, material and texture of the midsole of the real shoes are 100% similar to the Air Jordan 1 replica. There is a stitch that joins the body of the shoes to the sole that cuts across the mid sole. The stitch is inwardly tucked on both the real and the replicated pair. The stitches are also consistent and even all through the shoes.

  • Material and Construction

These Air Jordan 1 sneakers have been constructed to be rigid and sturdy. They have been constructed to stand out. The sturdiness of the shoes is also perfect in the replicated pair.  The black body has some luster on it. The luster is just enough, not too much.  This is applicable on both the real and the replicated pair.

Different sections of the shoes are joined together using small, even and consistent stitches. The firm and double stitches design is seen on both the real and the replicated pairs. These stitches ensure that your shoes last longer.

 The sole of the shoes is made up of high quality rubber. The material used to construct the replica shoes has no difference from the real pair.

 Check out the material and construction of the real shoes below.

With these similarities in features, there is no doubt that the high quality cheap replica is 100% similar to the real shoes.  You can sure rock the replica pair and look as great as someone who coughed a huge sum of money to own the original shoes.

If you settle for the cheap replicas, be sure to purchase high quality ones. I am sure you have encountered a lot of replicated shoes that have been made poorly and largely differ from the real shoes. The secret is to ensure you get high quality replicas, like those at Primestuff. If you don’t want to gamble with your money and end up with poor quality fake Air Jordans, I highly recommend Primestuff. Primestuff is an online store that deals in high quality replica.

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