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adidas Originals launches FORUM OG 84 LITTLE GOAT collection

With the release of the Forum OG 84 Hi/Lo LITTLE GOAT, let’s focus back on the schoolyard and recreate the legendary style with a classic white and blue colorway, a premium leather upper and other elements that retain all of the shoe’s iconic design.

Every classic has its origins, and the adidas Forum comes from the basketball court of the 1980s. The best players of the decade trained, played and sharpened their skills in this revolutionary shoe, creating a classic silhouette that lives on today. Classic details like the premium leather upper and rubber sole have been revived in the iconic blue and white colorway that debuted in 1984.

The adidas Forum has never had boundaries, and since its birth on the court in 1984, it has also become a vehicle for a variety of cultural identities. The Forum OG is also a multi-cultural vehicle. Notably, the Forum OG 84 Lo is lined with goatskin for added comfort. In addition, it is partially made from recycled and reclaimed materials to avoid having an environmental impact.

The adidas Originals Forum OG 84 Hi/Lo LITTLE GOAT collection is priced at RMB 1,099/1,199 and will be available on May 31, 2022 on the CONFIRMED APP, adidas APP, official WeChat app, adidas official website, Tmall flagship store, and Jingdong flagship store. The newest addition to the lineup is the newest addition to the lineup.

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