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Acne Studios’ new Musubi bags for Fall/Winter 2022

Following the release of a new note collection for its “Repurposed” remake project, Acne Studios has officially announced the return of the iconic Musubi bag for its Fall/Winter 2022 collection, with the introduction of both the Musubi Mini Tot bag and the Musubi shoulder bag. The Musubi bags are inspired by the traditional Japanese kimono belt and feature a knotted tie, both in calfskin and handmade in Italy.

The Musubi mini bag, which debuted at the Fall/Winter 2016 show, is a soft and spacious bag with twisted knots on the sides. It is made from calfskin bonded to the lining without visible stitching, giving the bag a smooth, clean look. The bag is embossed with the brand’s logo, incorporates a magnetic closure, and has a detachable shoulder strap that can be slung or carried, making it a staple in the bag collection.

The Musubi Mini Tot bag, with its delicate handles, is a boxy silhouette that continues the versatility of the buttoned knot as a key element. The Musubi Mini Tote bag is padded and reinforced, giving it a soft and fluffy look. The Musubi shoulder bag is a fusion of the 90s bag trend, with a short shoulder strap.

The Musubi bags from the Fall/Winter 2022 collection are reportedly coming to Acne Studios stores and the official website.

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