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2019 Best Perfect Replica Watches Movements, What Movements Are Adopted In?

Movements For Rolex Submariner Replica, Cartier Balloon Bleu Replica&Tudor Black Bay Wholesale, etc.

I haven’t written a popular science article for a long time. Many customers ask the first question before buying. What kind of movement is used? In fact, the movements of n factories or all imitation watches are similar. In this article, I will introduce you the general movement model of the replica watches, what are the advantages and disadvantages. In order to save time, the full text is from the network. First come to the Rolex Submariner replica, the one that everyone likes to ask. The factory has two kinds of movement options, 2836/3135, both of which are made in China. First, let’s look at 2836:

The structure of the domestic 2836 is exactly the same as that of the Swiss ETA2836. The screw, gear position and pointer axis are exactly the same. This is also the version of the Rolex oyster perpetual submariner cheap that I often recommend to buyers. This kind of movement has the characteristics of high stability, long life and convenient maintenance. The famous public watches have a large inventory of such movements, and it is also easy to handle the repair. If one day you want to upgrade to the Swiss machine, it is very convenient, it can match the case and the pointer perfectly. Other manufacturers such as V6 Cartier Balloon Bleu replica, GF Breitling wholesale, etc., use the movement of the same level, i.e.2824/2836

If the customer needs to replace the Swiss machine, we generally use the following entry-level ETA2836/2824 within the price of 1000, it is cheap and enough in amount.

By the way, look at the ETA movement after the brand’s secondary processing. Is the visual sense much better? The early Tudor watch cheap, GF Breitling fake, etc. adopted this movement. The problem that money can solve is not a problem. You can install the one shown in the picture below, but it is estimated that the average customers are not willing to or unable to afford~

The picture below is a 3135 from the N factory, a movement that many buyers prefer. Usually I rarely recommend customers to buy 3135 unless the customer requests. First of all, this 3135 and Rolex original 335 are two concepts, although the outlook is the same (in fact, Rolex is the answer to secret, I do not understand why they care about the outlook? It must be psychological function) What kind of movement has been used in the n factory has not been announced. The biggest advantage of this movement is that the adjustment of the calendar is consistent with the original direction, except for this one, all are regarded as disadvantages. For example, because the movement has changed over the deck, the transmission efficiency will be much lower, that is why the watch with 3135 movement stopped the next day after many customers have bought them. That is the problem. The 31 series movement modified by the N factory is not bad. AR’s 3135 movement is the real waste. Anyway, I am afraid to fix it. Some customers say that if the direction of adjusting the calendar with 2836 is different from the original, will it not be seen? Usually, customers who have such an idea should have a small number of original watches or possess one of a low level, since people tells whether your watch is an imitation watch, not by how to screw your calendar, but to see your momentum and quality of life. I have a Omega Seamaster cheap original 300M, which has not been worn for a long time. If you ask me about the calendar direction, I really don’t remember it. So it is a little of self-interference to confuse with the calendar up or down. If you choose the 3135 movement, you will give up the chance to change the machine later. If you prefer stability and practical application, choose 2836. If you call yourself Virgo, or if you are a serious patient with entanglement, then 3135!

Here comes the simple explanation of Rolex cal.3135 automatic winding movement. The 3135 movement was officially launched in 1988 with 28,800 swings per hour, 31 rubies, 50 hours of power reserve, instant jump calendar, four-arm Glucydur alloy balance wheel, 4 weights, 2 adjustable weights, Breguet hairspring and kif shock absorber. Now the balance spring of the Rolex cal.3135 movement are totally made of PARACHROMniobium), zirconium and oxygen alloy, the hairspring is not disturbed by magnetic fields and remains stable under temperature changes, and is 10 times more shock resistant than conventional hairsprings. And the error is generally 2-3 seconds. After reading these introductions, do you think that the 3135 of the replica is meaningful compared to the original?

In addition to the domestic 28 series movement, the three-needle replica watches on the market also use Citizen 9015. This movement is widely used in ultra-thin models. The advantage is that the thickness of the body can be 8mm or so, and the stability is relatively high. However, this movement is a one-way spring design, so the sound is larger than the 28 series movement. Now many replica watch factories are also aware of this problem. The 9015 movement has been further improved, and the operation sound has improved a lot. For example, on the market, MKS Portofino replica, Omega De Ville wholesale, Vacheron Constantin OVERSEAS cheap, Patek Philippe watch fake, etc., as long as it is ultra-thin designed three-needle watch, it uses this movement.

Finally introduced is the chronograph movement, the replica chronograph can be said to use 00% of the domestic 7750, without exception, this domestic 7750 structure is exactly the same as the Swiss ETA7750, adapting to the market’s 99% chronograph. It is unlikely that the Swiss machine will be replaced, because a time-tested Swiss ETA775 movement is worth 000+, and the average buyer is not willing to pay. If any seller tells you that the factory is equipped with the ETA7750, then you should be careful and not to be cheated.

Look at an imported 7750 movement, the general structure is the same as that of domestic production, however the workmanship is fine, after all, you get what you pay for.

To sum up: If it is a big three-needle + calendar watch. The factory is generally 2824/2836/2892 (domestic), and these performances can be said to be complete, only 2836 is added with calendar functions, 292 is thinner, speaking of ultra-thin, the three-pin model is clear 9015. The chronograph can only be 7750 made in China. We can say that you do not have a large choice for the replica watch movement, and their performances are similar. If you want to buy a watch in the future t, in fact, you need not to spend much time on the movement because basically the manufacturer cannot offer a large number of choice. It is recommended that you choose watches with better craftsmanship and after-sales service.

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