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17 new products focus on exposure! The “sneaker feast” that I’ve been craving all year is finally here! Early feet to show you!

Every summer, new sneakers that are fresh on your feet and versatile in value undoubtedly become the protagonist of the street! For this reason, major brands have also launched “summer limited” themes to meet the players’ immediate needs!

The latest Anta basketball continues last year’s popular #TrulyNightMarket theme, with 17 new models in one fell swoop!

▼ The debut of Anta Basketball #TrueSenseNightMarket last year

This time, not only the number of shoes is greater, but the color scheme is also more abundant and clever! Covering a wide range of themes including “Ice Drink” series, “Regional Cuisine” series, and “Candy” series!

What’s the value of these summer limited colorways?

▼ This year’s #TrulyNightMarket shoe lineup was revealed first



“Sales King” upgrades return
Summer limited is too good to be true

First up Bringing you this Anta Basketball #TrueSenseNightMarket# Splash 4 “Ice Drink” series!

As the king of sales in Anta Basketball camp, Anta Splash series has always been known for its super high cost performance! This year, based on the previous Splash 3, more emphasis is placed on breathability, making it a very rare summer breathable basketball shoe.

▼ New Splash 4 “Ice Drink” Series

The overall color scheme is inspired by summer ice drinks, with succulent grape, kumquat lemon, yangzhi ganache and peach oolong iconic elements infused into the laces, midsole gradient TPU and inner lining of the shoe.

In addition to the crisp, versatile and energetic color palette, the overall white color palette is hard to resist.

Details include a cartoon icon of a cup of iced drinks on the tongue and a label on the heel of the shoe.

The overall sense of fun is further enhanced, highlighting the unique theme that fits the summer season!

And as a practical sneaker designed specifically for summertime, the Splash 4’s technology configuration, also compared to the previous generation has been improved!

The upper design is very sophisticated, with high-strength gauze mesh incorporating pronounced breathable cutouts, along with rubber support strip textures and thermofusion reinforcement in key areas to provide maximum heat dissipation and support performance.

The highly acclaimed wrap-around velcro straps are made of lightweight fabric.

One is to further reduce weight, and the other is to deliver a more seamless and dynamic wrap.

In addition, this time the Magic Strap offers a removable setting if you are a high

The midsole is embedded with Anta’s Nitrogen technology, which is specially tuned for basketball, in the forefoot.

These products are designed to provide a more responsive and efficient way to support your favorite sports.

The entire midsole is A-FLASHEDGE, which provides more stable cushioning.

The entire midsole is A-FLASHEDGE, which provides a more stable cushioning performance.

With 3D skeletonized anti-torsional tabs on the arch and splash-inspired outsole texture, it provides

On the feet, the look is first and foremost satisfying!

4 colorways are perfect for summertime footwear, with a refreshingly versatile tonal transition that’s pleasing to wear whether you’re playing ball or pressing the pavement.

It’s also really cool and breathable to wear, and the skeletonized gauze mesh upper can feel the air enter during walking and running, maximizing cooling performance.

The sizing is pro-rated not to be off, and the last aspect of the shoe is normal and not too wide. The removable magic straps on the body of the shoe have some flexibility.

The daily wear can be a little looser, for real life, it is recommended to tie tighter to strengthen the package.

The midsole, weighing in at 70KG, is embedded with Anta Nitrogen in the forefoot.

The heel  A-FLASHEDGE area is relatively stiff. The area is relatively hard.

And this is better suited for projection players, balancing out the stability of the rounded outsole nicely.

Overall, the Splash 4 continues to deliver the same balanced performance. strong>#

Equipped with top-notch cushioning
Excellent cost performance

Built for speedy players, the Lightning Madness 3 also has a lot of loyal fans, and this #BasketballRealNightMarket brings three new colorways with the theme of “Candy”.

The one I unboxed is inspired by mint candies, with a lake blue and rose red body to create a fresh and cool summer atmosphere.

▼ New Lightning Rage 3 “Mint Candy”

The multi-directional textured herringbone outsole is also solidly textured.

These products are backed by Anta’s Cement Kneader technology, which provides better grip and abrasion resistance.

Transparent mesh upper for a lighter, more breathable summer look.

Multiple heat melt reinforcements and mesh weave textures provide excellent coverage and support for high intensity combat, while also enhancing abrasion resistance.

The look on the foot is truly refreshing!

The mesh texture on the upper is offset by the gradient tone of the TPU on the side of the shoe, creating a dry and speedy look.

The last is normal, the size is not deviated, the inner lining and tongue are added more sponge padding to improve the package and comfort performance. The shoe’s lining and tongue are padded with more foam to improve wrapping and comfort performance.

The full palm nitrogen technology material provides the same cushioning response as the KT7. strong>#

Heavy benefits just opened
Get the best deal now

Finally, we bring you the exact release information you care about most!

The Splash 4 “Ice Drink” series and the Lightning 3 “Candy” series are both available now, both officially priced at ¥799 RMB.

From May 26th, with the opening of Anta Tmall 618 #Basketball Real Fragrance Night Market, you can get it at  real fragrance   price of ¥459 RMB, the price is full! You don’t have to tell me who you’re going to play with this summer!

The Splash 4 “Ice Drink” series
Tao’s password (copy the whole paragraph below):

The Lightness 3 “Candy” series
Tao’s password (copy the whole paragraph below):


At the same time, the 618 #Anta True Fragrance Night Market themed space on the second floor of Tmall Anta official online store will be officially launched soon!

Including the three themes of “Basketball Night Market”, “This wave of the same model really smells good” and “National team equipment technology really smells good”, bringing us a feast of top equipment of basketball, sports culture and Olympic technology products!

Not only do 17 new food colorways come out one after another, but there are also delicious, fun, and

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