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10 replica handbags that smashed the Global Sale Charts

There is a thing about bags; they come in all colors, shapes, sizes, and designs. Of course there are the real ones, which are the crème de la crème. Next are the replica designer bags, and they are the closest you can get to the real deals. Of course, there are fake handbags. They come at the tail-end in terms of quality and general outlook. Moreover, there are expensive bags as well as cheap bags. What is your style for a perfect bag?

In this post I will talk about ten bags that sold the most around the world. This is a collection of bag from top luxury brands. You may already have one in your closet.

In a small size, the LV Speedy sack was a touch of class. It is up to date. Thanks to its functionality and popularity, it sales went through the rooftop. It was literally flying out of shelves. Thankfully, Louis Vuitton decided to designate it as the customary edition.

Coco Chanel is an icon in fashion. She gave us so much to celebrate. In the sale charts, it was Chanel 2.55 that sold the most. The numbers depict the time it was created. That was way back in 1955. Even today, this epic bag is still fashionable.

  • Chloe Paddington

In the age of celebrities, it is easy to create a buzz around fashion items. In 2000s, it was the turn for Chloe Paddington handbag to drive the internet crazy. Many of the who-is-who names in the world as well as the common folks wanted to lay hands on this coveted masterpiece. Its popularity spread like bush fire and the sales were staggering.

This Balenciaga bag was a top hit when it showed up in the markets. The dangling embellishments and its square shape were among the top features that attracted customers. Thanks to its simple style and high performance, it became one of the top sellers of its time.

In 2010, Givenchy Antigona was released and was a constant favorite across the globe. The design and spot-on functionality could not be resisted. It was a total reflection of modernity and was in sync with what customers desired.

  • Celine Luggage

Before it, the Celine brand was a quiet member of the luxury handbag lines. But that silence came to an end when the gorgeous Celine Luggage bag stepped into the market. The most impact was felt in New York City, and the buzz closely followed a global fame. In six months of its release, this bag sold out like it was the last release ever.

This bag was a big hit to an extent of being featured in the Bradshaw Movie. Although some claim its design does not give a modern image, it has overcome that misgiving by revitalizing its looks every now and then.

  • YSL Muse

This Muse sack was on record as being the most prominent for YSL. It put the brand in to the global records. For those seeking an everyday easy-carry bag, this was a terrific fit. It no wonder makes it to this list of the most sold out bags.

  • Lady Dior

The 1990s were big for Dior. In particular 1995 saw the release of Lady Dior. This bag had squares with stitched borders. It was an inspiration from Napoleon III chairs. It was a gift to Princess Diana who was a popular fashion icon all over the world. Soon after, everybody wanted a piece of the royal bag.

  • Hermes Birkin

In 1984, Hermes Birkin was the ‘it’ sack for the deep pocketed individuals. A combination of simplicity and its iconic status drove the sales to unimaginable height. Explaining how different and great the bag was, the brand said it took a long time to make a single Birkin. The price and affinity for it by celebrities places this bag among the greatest of all times.

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